July 24, 2024

Taking Proper Care of Your Heater

When winter comes, keeping warm is crucial. While your initial thought may be to turn your furnace on and let the heat overtake you, there are some steps you need to take beforehand. This ensures that your unit won’t break down within the first few days or weeks of use.

In the wake of a dilemma, make sure that whenever a problem does occur that you call in the professionals over at Retro Hot Water & Heating. Their heater installation and repair services in Babylon, NY, have been helping clients for over 20 years! They can be there, even in a pinch!

Signs of a Faulty Heater

One of the easiest warning signs that you need a repair for your heater is if you are not getting sufficient enough heating. No matter how high you crank the temperature, it may feel like you will never get relief. This can be due to a system’s age or perhaps due to obstructions.

In turn, this can cause your unit to work itself even harder to help you out. Because of this, you could notice a huge spike in your energy bills. Make sure that you keep a close eye on changes from month to month, as they should always be manageable.

By overworking itself, your heater could also fail entirely, shutting off without warning. Not only does this cause the entire system to be damaged, but you could be stuck in freezing temperatures, which can become quite dangerous.

Maintenance Tips

To prevent a breakdown, make sure you are taking some precautions to care for your heater and its lifespan:

Change the Duct Direction Each Year

Very few people take the time to think about how duct direction can change the way your heating system works. However, if pointed in the wrong direction, your unit may have to work harder to heat your home. Switching the direction of air ducts prevents gaps from forming between vent seals and aids in the equal distribution of warm air throughout your home, enabling every room to receive dependable heating.

To change the direction of your ducts, calculate the distance between the vent at the end of each duct and the nearest outside wall or roof vent. Take measures across all of these distances, from one side to the other of each measurement. Make careful to match these values to the size and length criteria published in your manual or on a chart particular to your furnace type.

Keep Clean From Obstructions

Because heaters can help with airflow, they can become blocked with debris and dust particles. Over time, this buildup can block your ducts and vents, which will give you insufficient heating. Cleaning your ducts and their filters is a simple process that can be done within an hour.

Your heater will feature a cabinet that you can open. Look for the rectangular filters that are inside. Using a moist cloth or a hand vacuum, take the time to clean the filter before putting it back into your unit. Make sure it is properly placed back into its slot so that it works efficiently.

Get the Best HVAC Help in New York

Before the first cold snap of the year, you should call in a technician to take a look at your heater. They can ensure that every part of your heater is properly working and is undamaged. They can also help you complete the above steps if you are hesitant to do it on your own.

Retro Hot Water & Heating is the top choice for clients in Bayshore, Millville, and Babylon, NY, and for a good reason. Not only will they help you repair or install a heater, but they will talk you through the process. It is important to them that you have a better understanding of your unit so that you can better take care of it over time.

Heaters aren’t the only system they can work with, either. If you have a boiler, you can count on Retro Hot Water & Heating to come to your aid, as well. These heating systems demand just as much love and care as a traditional furnace does.

Don’t submit yourself or your loved ones to the woes of chilly weather. Take the initiative early and get assistance with your heating unit prior to any signs of trouble. Make your appointment with Retro Hot Water & Heating. You are guaranteed to get the relief you deserve.