December 6, 2023
Properties At Lake Como

Properties At Lake Como

Being in certain places is truly a privilege. There are parts of our world unique for their natural beauty, climate, culture, and hospitality. As with all precious and finite things in our world, Lake Como lends itself to exclusivity.

Many visitors come from around the world to see its beauty for themselves, and get a taste of what the surrounding area has to offer. The lake in turn invites everyone to see it for themselves. These days, the wealthy, famous, and powerful all frequent the shores of Lake Como, both as visitors and property owners.

However, unlike many other places in which such individuals like to spend their earthly time, there is something quite natural and unique about what Lake Como has to offer. It is not an artificial environment, chosen and developed for people to spend their wealth on, but a living part of a greater society that happens to be quite fortunate in having many elements and qualities that make it a unique place.

People of all walks of life live in and around the Lake Como area, and all visitors are welcome. It is simply a good place to be in, and being there is not so much of a privilege as it is a choice.

Owning a home in the area is a great way to enjoy what Como has to offer, and when it comes to luxury villas, Como certainly has some magical spots you’d want to know about.

Perks of Lake Como

As previously stated, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Lake Como the playground of the rich and famous (and powerful). In fact, it is a top destination for heads-of-state, billionaires, A-list Hollywood stars, and any living person considered a household name. However, there are many places that can make such claims, but what makes Lake Como unique is its wholesome inclusivity.

Como is not a distant closed off resort by any means, it is not Monaco or Dubai, but an area in one of the oldest, most beautiful, and most respected countries in the world, Italy. It is a place that people visit to truly appreciate its beauty and atmosphere, not to take photos and make a statement.

Lake Como is a living, breathing place where human beings live their lives, good lives, and have meaningful experiences that have less to do with decadence and more to do with goodness and inspiration. There people travel and relax, but also work and live in a meaningful way. At 146 square kilometers, and with a local population of 80,000, Como is large enough to always have much to explore, but also small enough to be intimate and peaceful.

A short distance from the Alps, the lake area offers a variety of outdoor areas to enjoy, be it climbing and skiing in the mountains, or hiking and swimming in large pastoral open spaces. It is also a short distance from Milan, Italy’s second largest city, and one of the most opulent and exciting in the world. This cocktail of elements make Lake Como an uncompromising area that truly offers many of the best things that make life enjoyable and precious to all.

Luxury Villas At Lake Como

The houses and villas at Como are legendary, to say the least. Built at a time when extreme wealth was meant to be shown in a way that demands attention and awe, the grand houses of Como succeeded remarkably in doing so, however they also exude humility, which demands respect. They are large and beautiful in a way that is not necessarily boastful, but also appropriate to the large open spaces of dense beauty that surround it.

As we’ve said before, Como is not a vanity project, but a real place where life is simply beautiful. And owning a property there is neither an unattainable dream, nor an idea to be dismissed.

Whether looking to rent or to buy, there are a variety of homes on the market that are worth looking into, even if it’s only for the enjoyment and the appreciation of their appeal. Remember, even though the most fortunate people alive visit Lake Como as a privilege, for them as well as for us, being a part of it is a choice.