May 27, 2024

Safe Ship Moving Services Discusses a Few Tips to Keep Pets Comfortable While Preparing for a Move

Preparing to move to a new home is not easy. One needs a proper plan in place to pack all their household goods in time, and get them transported to the new home in time. The moving process can become much easier if one avails the assistance of companies like Safe Ship Moving Services. However, beyond the logistical activities associated with a move, one also has to think about their pets. Furry friends like cats and dogs take comfort in routines, and moving can be the ultimate shake-up. Hence, pet owners need to take steps to keep pets comfortable while preparing for a move

Safe Ship Moving Services underlines how to pets comfortable while preparing for a move

Many pets, cats and dogs, in particular, tend to love to play with packing supplies. Hence, one should start packing early to help pets get used to having boxes around. If one has enough space at home, they should start stocking up on moving boxes at least a couple of weeks prior to the moving day. A few less commonly used items can be placed inside the boxes and left open. Pets might be curious about the boxes at first, and hover around to smell them.  But soon enough they wouldn’t even give the boxes a second glance. Conditioning the pets and helping them get used to moving boxes ahead of time can help reduce chances of disruptions as one gets closer to moving day and packing begins in earnest.

Pets like cats and dogs are creatures of habit. They are likely to get anxious and stressed if their schedule changes too much. Preparing for a move is very time-consuming and hectic, and hence one might be tempted to skip the everyday routines with their pets, and concentrate more on packing or organizing their to-do list. However, doing so might not be good for the furry friends. As a responsible pet owner, one should try their best to see to it that their furry friends can maintain their normal routine. This would keep the stress levels of the pet down in the weeks leading up to the move. One should especially try to feed the pets at the same times as usual, do not skip their regular walks or playtime, and provide them with enough love and patience.

Having piles of clothes, half-taken apart furniture, and boxes scattered around a home is quite normal when preparing for a move.  While a good part of this mess is unavoidable, the team of Safe Ship Moving Services mentions that one should try to keep at least one space clear for their pets throughout the moving process. This space can be a small room, corner or just an open closet. Basically, the pets must have a comfortable space where they can retreat to if the chaos of the move becomes too overwhelming for them. If possible, one can also rely on a family member or friend to keep their pet for a few days before the move.