July 24, 2024

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

In today’s world, prices and fees are rising dramatically. Aside from the prices you see at the grocery store, you may also be seeing increases in your bills. While this might be stressing you out, there are plenty of ways to make your home much more energy efficient. This includes plenty of new changes to your old appliances and repairs to other parts of your home. For many of the reasons listed below, you can rely on a technician or a plumber to help. An example of this is Fitzgerald Plumbing, which can provide you with a new water heater installation in Lakewood, CA, and much more.


Opting to switch to LED light bulbs is one of the simplest methods to make your house more energy efficient. LED lights consume less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last far longer, saving you money over time. They also produce less heat, making them safer to use and aiding in the cooling of your home throughout the summer. Furthermore, LED bulbs come in a range of forms and sizes, so you may select ones that precisely match your fixtures.

Another suggestion is to use natural light wherever feasible. Allow sunshine into your house by opening your blinds and curtains during the day. You’ll consume less energy and save money if you don’t rely on artificial lighting as much.


Many popular residential appliances require a large amount of electricity, including refrigerators, dishwashers, and laundry washers and dryers. According to the US Department of Energy, appliances account for around 21% of the average home’s energy use. There are several methods for making your appliances more energy efficient. One option is to just use them less frequently. For example, if you only do a load of laundry once a week, washing it in cold water can save you a lot of money on your energy bill. Upgrade to newer, more efficient ones to make your appliances more energy efficient. Many will come with an ENERGY STAR label, which tells you that they will be energy efficient.

Another change you can make can be in regards to your water heater. Upgrading your water heater is one of the simplest methods to make your house more energy efficient. Traditional storage water heaters are inefficient and waste money and energy. Tankless water heaters are a more energy-efficient solution since they provide hot water on demand rather than storing it in a tank. Tankless water heaters can help you save money on your energy bill while also having a lower environmental effect than standard storage water heaters.


Insulate your walls to save money on your energy cost. Insulation keeps heat in during the winter and out during the summer, making your house more pleasant and putting less load on your heating and cooling system. You may pick from a number of insulating materials to meet your specific requirements. Many individuals prefer fiberglass batt insulation because it is economical and simple to install. Others choose spray foam insulation, which creates a tight seal and can help avoid drafts.

Getting Outside Help

While some sources to help you be more energy efficient can be done by yourself, others may require help from a professional. For instance, your water heater replacements may be done by a qualified plumber such as Fitzgerald Plumbing, a trusted name for residents of Lakewood, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach, CA. Others, like insulation, might require help from a housing contractor.

The above examples are just three of the many changes that you can make. By following these tips, you will see your bills lowered and more money in your pocket.