December 8, 2023

How Water Damage Impacts Property Value.

When people think about catastrophic water and flood occurrences for a property, they probably picture flooded basements, tropical storms, or burst pipes. Various sorts of water leaks have an impact on property values and a homeowner’s ability to sell their home, even though those incidents can undoubtedly harm a property’s value.

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Most homeowners rarely have to wade through a wet living room or drain water from a soggy basement. Water damage that lowers a property’s value is probably less obvious. As they go undetected, slowly dripping pipes in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as a leaking water heater, are more likely to inflict long-term harm.

Water pipe cracks: Pressure variations are the root cause of water pipe cracks. An accumulation of dirt, rubbish, and other wasted materials could cause the pressure to alter. Bathrooms and kitchens are the typical locations for cracked pipes.

Leaks in pipe connections: Much to water pipe cracks, the pressure buildup can result in leaks in pipe connections. The joints were improperly sealed, which is another factor contributing to leakage between pipes.

Leaky faucets: Rather than fixing leaky faucets, many homeowners frequently deal with them. Although a slow leak may appear manageable at first, it can eventually result in water damage to a home. Whenever a faucet leaks, it should be fixed right away to prevent more damage.

Toilets that run continually: Can harm a home with water if indeed the water is seeping outside the bowl or tank in addition to racking up massive water bills. Despite ignoring it, a running toilet can help you avoid costly repairs and long-term water damage.

Discharge from dishwashers: More frequently used in a home than washing machines, dishwashers are among the most popular equipment. A leaked dishwasher may not result in a spectacular water problem like a flood, but it can harm the flooring underneath over time.

Spills of sewage: Spills of sewage are typically evident right away. A sewage spill can result in an unpleasant stench, unhygienic living conditions, and costly property damage.

Heater problems: Water heater failures are a nuisance for homes and because water heaters are out-of-sight, they go overlooked. The water heater may get sediment built up in the bottom, which will eventually cause it to rust and leak.


In addition to lowering property value, neglecting water damage can cause other problems for homeowners, including:

Health issues: Mold problems eventually result from water damage. Those living in a home with certain types of mold because of water damage may experience health problems. Particularly black mold has been connected to respiratory problems such as a stuffy nose, coughing, wheezing, red and irritated eyes, as well as a skin rash. Those who have asthma may experience severe reactions. Mold removal can assist resolve health problems.

Electrical problems: If not promptly and correctly handled and repaired, water damage can harm electricity as well as devices and devices throughout the home. Power surges or arcing can be caused by damaged wiring. They have the potential to destroy electrically plugged-in devices permanently.

Repairs increase in cost over time: Damage from unattended water only becomes worse with time. Repairs may become more costly over time for homeowners who choose to overlook water damage and opt not to remedy it.