April 23, 2024

Detail image of a vacuum hose in an air duct for cleaning. Focus is on the hose.

How Do You Clean Your Air Duct?

While you absolutely can attempt to do a basic cleansing of your duct yourself, we recommend speaking with a professional for a more detailed task. Your home’s air conditioning system has a range of sensitive components that must only be accessed, as well as maintained, by a professional company that recognizes what they’re doing. Fan electric motors, warm exchangers, fan housings, and cooling down coils may be covered in dust, needing professional experience and understanding to tidy securely.

In addition to dust, microbial pathogens and parasites could also be residing in your duct. Using chemical representatives, such as biocides and pesticides, will require the expertise of a professional. Your air conditioning system may have been damaged or polluted by pests, causing unanticipated dangers. Play it wise, as well as leave the AC air duct cleaning to a certified company.

How to clean your duct?

Still interested regarding the actions associated with cleaning duct? Here are the essentials, although we still don’t advise attempting it as a DIY project:

  • Examine the vents

Open up an air vent cover to inspect inside for dust, dirt, or any other matter you don’t desire in there.

  • Inspect the return registers

Check the return air signs up for dirt accumulation. Listen specifically if there is a thick layer covered on the registers.

  • Get rid of the filter

Get rid of, as well as examine the air filter. If your air filter is filthy, as well as covered in dust, it’s time to transform it.

  • Inspect the heating system

Open up your furnace compartment, and inspect the motor, blower fan, as well as heating system to regulate dust.

  • Inspect the air conditioning coil

Analyze the AC coil. If you locate dust on it or the real estate walls, then your air filter isn’t functioning.

  • Turn off power

Shut off the power to your air conditioning devices. Note: Shutting down the thermostat does not power down the device; you require to turn off power at the power switch or breaker panel on the air conditioning system.

  • Get rid of the duct covers and clean

Eliminate the air duct covers and use a brush to clean the grates. Make certain to be detailed. Use a vacuum cleaner to clear out the ducts. A model with a hose will offer you the most maneuverability.

  • Clean ceiling vents

Last, clean the vents on your ceiling. You can use a mop or vacuum to clean off the dust.