July 24, 2024

Buying For Mom Vs. Buying For Your Girlfriend: Why What You Buy Matters

Everyone enjoys receiving flowers as a surprise. Flowers are a lovely way to show someone you care, whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, or first date. Giving someone flowers needs sophistication despite the fact that the gesture has been practiced for millennia and has even given rise to a secret language.

Different flowers, bouquets, and arrangements are needed for various occasions! La Fleur has you covered for all occasions if you’re shopping for flowers in Austin, TX! For suggestions on what to give the special person in your life on any occasion, continue reading below. The florists at La Fleur will make sure you never go without what you want once you have an idea in mind!

Pick Your Theme

The first thing you need to consider is if your particular someone prefers conventional presents or more intriguing and exotic gestures before you even consider the type of flowers you want to send them. Flowers don’t always have to be roses in arrangements! Even if they might be the most well-liked presents to give to your girlfriend or mother, if your loved one values more uncommon presents, you might want to think about getting them an odd flower, a zen garden, or even a succulent! While floral arrangements may wilt and pass away, succulents and zen gardens stand out because they not only provide a different kind of presentation than a conventional floral arrangement but also continue to thrive long after flowers would have died with proper care.

Mother’s Day

In the Victorian era, orchids were a common present. The idea behind giving rare and exotic flowers as gifts was that the more deeply loved someone was, the rarer the flower would be. In ancient Chinese culture, orchids were also thought to stand for “many progeny or children.” They epitomize the heights of intellect, insight, and statuesque beauty.

For Mother’s Day, orchid varieties in the colors pink (for love, elegance, and femininity) and purple (for royalty, respect, and admiration) are significant options.

For Mother’s Day or simply to let her know you are thinking of her. Are you seeking for flowers to make your day more cheerful? The best choice is to use pink carnations. They represent maternal affection, which explains why they are such a frequently chosen flower for the occasion.

Pink flowers can be used to express gratitude, admiration, and thanks. Pink flowers will show how much you care at any time of the year. White makes a nice accent in these setups.

Are you still undecided about which floral arrangement to present your mother? Whether you want to express too many emotions or meanings or your mother has too many favorite flowers, there is a way to check everything off your list.

To give your mother a present that will truly touch her heart, ask your local florist to create a mixed flower arrangement with three to four of your favorite blooms. Other popular flowers for Mother’s Day are hydrangeas, peonies, and gerbera daisies, in addition to those already mentioned.

Long Term

Red roses, also known as the “lover’s rose,” are a representation of ardor. They are alluring and alluring, as well as lovely and elegant. A stunning bouquet of red roses exudes passion and love. You might continue to use roses but select an orange variety. As an alternative, you may choose a different flower and stick with red. Red tulips are a striking and elegant choice. The velvety black center of the tulip is said to symbolize the blackened heart of a lover as a result of deep love. Of course, using other flowers in your bouquet in addition to roses or tulips will add to its significance. For instance, adding asters, a lesser-known flower that stands for love is a wise decision. Pink alstroemeria conveys loyalty, while pink stargazer flowers denote riches. Peonies are also thought to have a high romanticism level and be a symbol of good fortune and successful marriage. All the flowers mentioned above are great for couples who have been through the wringer together but have found reason time and time again to come back together, reaffirming their love.

Symbols of Freshly Budding Romance

A bouquet of flowers is a wonderful method to express your interest in a new romantic interest while also making use of the symbolism of flowers.

Roses and lilacs, which are both purple flowers, stand for love at first sight.

A mixed bouquet is your best bet if you’d like to convey something but not yet. Red roses in a little bouquet will subtly show your interest without being excessive. Orange roses are a great choice for a bouquet since they represent desire and would look beautiful with peach, white, and orange roses.

A stunning, unique, and exotic gift is an orchid. She will be aware of your admiration for her. Similar to how red denotes romance, yellow denotes the warmth and satisfaction of spending time with someone else, as well as sharing laughs and hobbies in common. When combined, yellow flowers like tulips or roses make stunning bouquets that exude joy and brightness.

Freesia and daisies, which also stand for purity and friendliness, can be combined to create a thoughtful gift that your friend is sure to treasure. Daisies are highly popular among women due to their young charm, while freesias are very fragrant.

These guidelines also apply to first dates. Once you’ve asked her to marry you and selected where to go, a simple bouquet is a thoughtful gesture.


In conclusion, flowers are not merely for special occasions or for certain people. Flowers are a terrific “just because” present and may be used for practically any occasion. Flowers are one item that comes in a wide variety and never goes out of style, whether you’re looking for a gift for your mother or wife or to cheer up a buddy. Many options are available from florists like La Fleur that are sure to be the ideal present for any occasion! The next time you’re looking for a wonderful gift idea for a particular someone in your life, visit  www.lafleurflowermarket.com to view all your options.