April 15, 2024

5 wardrobe designs trending in 2022

We cherish our wardrobe. It is our personal space, which holds our personal belongings with sentimental value. A wardrobe has great functionality and grand style,. As the decor ideas evolved, the traditional cupboard was replaced by an elegant wardrobe, and it has come a long way. 

Today, a modern and space-efficient wardrobe is an essential prerequisite in a well-decorated home. Wardrobes come in myriad designs, from just simple wooden ones to ‘oh so glamourous’ mirror ones. The designs have become sleeker, and the materials, varied. 

Today people are fashion conscious and own a range of clothes, including formal, casual, semi-formal, and festive, along with accessories, shoes, belts, scarves, etc. Keeping all these things in a well-organized manner requires an intelligently designed space. A wardrobe serves the purpose. 

Wardrobe design trends in 2022

While looking for wardrobe designs trending in 2022, we understand that today, a wardrobe is not just functional furniture but a statement piece. It reflects the taste, style, and status of the owner. That’s precisely why design aesthetics are important when choosing the right wardrobe for your home. 

In 2022 a minimalistic, clean look will dominate the scene. A clutter-free, well-organized space is psychologically soothing, and it will be the priority of home decor, and a wardrobe holds a special place in it. A smart wardrobe helps you begin your day in style. Here are the latest trends in wardrobe design.

Mirror Wardrobes

A mirror wardrobe is a sleek and innovative wardrobe design trend of 2022. This type of wardrobe has a mirror and lacquered glass finish. It is easy to clean and maintain. Mirror wardrobes create an illusion of space and a mesmerising ambience in the room. They make the room appear larger and give it a premium and trendy look. Mirror wardrobes are ideal for studio apartments and compact homes.

Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes are one of the top trends of 2022. They are a sleek storage solution for a modern home. Compared to hinged door wardrobes, sliding wardrobes are more space-saving and smarter looking. Wardrobes with glass or frosted glass doors are in vogue currently. Sliding wardrobes with mirrors create their own magic. Theme-based sliding wardrobes with attractive patterns are also popular. Wall-to-wall wardrobes with sliding doors are a fine blend of storage convenience and style statement. Enjoy your freedom of choice from numerous sliding wardrobe designs available online. 

Wooden Almirah

If you are a retro buff and love a vintage touch to your home, go for a regal wooden almirah design as a wardrobe. A wooden almirah adds an exotic touch to your room, and as a versatile furniture piece, it can blend with any decor with ease. Eco-friendly and holistic furniture, organic, a natural look is the hottest trend in 2022, and a rustic wooden almirah design fits the bill perfectly. Plus, the wooden furniture is always easy to maintain, clean, and keep neat.

Chest of Drawers

Using an attractive chest of drawers as a wardrobe is another design idea for 2022. It is best suited for compact homes and studio apartments having small bedrooms. You can choose a chest of drawers of a bright colour or a designer texture to compliment your interior decor. A bigger wardrobe with an attached chest of drawers is also a wise choice. Though traditionally used for utilities, a chest of drawers is becoming popular for keeping clothes as well.

Walk-in Wardrobe

A beautifully designed walk-in wardrobe is the ‘in thing’ in the coming future. People are redefining the standards of good living post-pandemic. Comfort, convenience, and joy of living have earned top priority. So, a walk-in wardrobe has become a worthy investment and a stylish dressing experience. The benefits are ample storage, dressing comfort, good ventilation, and practical solution. You can also put an ironing board there. 

The year 2022 has been challenging in many ways. After the work-from-home situations, home decor has earned an important place in people’s lives and budgets. Having a well-organized, soothing home atmosphere is the need of the hour. The furniture pieces are chosen accordingly, and wardrobes are no exception. Some more wardrobe design trends in 2022 are as follows.

  • Designs, colours, and patterns with a touch of retro
  • Antique wooden wardrobes with a royal look
  • Nature-inspired design theme with an eco-friendly, wooden wardrobe
  • Wardrobes best suited for a multi-functional space
  • Customized wardrobes with made to order features
  • Stylish storage systems with suitable lighting
  • Floor to ceiling wardrobe designs
  • A wardrobe with an airing chamber to keep used clothes till washing
  • A pure white wardrobe exuding sophistication
  • Modern wardrobes in bold colours

Before you go for the latest wardrobe design, keep in mind to choose right. Identify what sort of storage space you need and what clothing items and accessories you are going to keep. Select the functionality features as per your clothes and accessories collection.  

Check out if you need shelves or drawers. Ensure that the wardrobe blends well with your decor and accentuates the beauty of your space. Last but not least, choose the piece which gives you the complete value of the money spent, in every possible way. Wish you a happy wardrobe selection in 2022!