May 21, 2024

Why You Should Invest In Nakuru 

Nakuru has been strategically positioned almost to the center of Kenya. Being born in 1904, Nakuru has since recorded tremendous growth over the years as the great Mombasa – Nairobi to Nyanza road passes through the city. 

Having served as a headquarters of the Rift Valley province, Nakuru served at least the now 14 counties being at the center of each and thus easy access to its amenities. 

For over a decade now,  Nakuru has attracted real estate investment as investors come for different reasons especially when it comes to commercial reasons and residential. 

Here are some of the reasons why either Nakuru is a perfect spot to put your investment in, to enjoy a return on investment or any other purpose investor has in mind. 

1. Affordability. 

Nakuru compared to Nairobi is more affordable to invest in especially since our country’s highest percentage is of residents coming from the middle class. Real estate agencies dealing with lands have made both the commercial plots and residential plots more affordable to this group and to young investors seeking to advance in the real estate sector. Most of these plots have value additions that attract more investors who will not only enjoy an immediate return on investment but reduced the burden and cost of doing so by themselves. 

2. City Status 

Recently Nakuru received conferment by His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta to be the fourth city. This comes after the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KENBS) as the second in 

the country’s wealth generation ranked Nakuru, which was then a municipal. With the advantages of socio-economic that come with the City’s status quo, there is a need for investors to rush out, and scramble for the scarcely available plots in Nakuru city.

3. Expansion of Nairobi -Nakuru Highway. 

The Government of Kenya in collaboration with foreign investors through the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is planning to expand the Nairobi–Nakuru highway into a dual carriageway; this will affect the flow of traffic to western Kenya. 

The perennial traffic jams experienced on the highway are expected to reduce drastically once the project is complete.

On completion, Nairobi to Nakuru will be an hour or two drive away making it possible to commute on a daily basis even if you are a resident of Nakuru. 

Goods transport between the two cities will also record reduce in carriage costs making the investment in Nakuru worth going for. 

4. Tourists Attraction 

Nakuru famously is known as the city of flamingos.  Over the years, Nakuru has been the center of tourists visiting different places from the Hells gate, Lake Nakuru, Menengai crater, Lake Elementaita, Lake Naivasha, and Mt  Longonot. 

Apart from these natural sites, Nakuru is well known for various recreational places, resort hotels, and vacation homes. This is quite a good reason why anyone should invest in both residential and commercial plots Nakuru city as soon as possible to enjoy these sites either by being a resident or for commercial purposes to accommodate tourists.

5. Great Climate. 

Nakuru town is well known for its warm climate. Anybody seeking a residential place that is neither cold nor hot, I will highly recommend Nakuru town. Username investment ltd CEO Reuben Kimani has been working tirelessly to acquire residential plots, which are within or near Nakuru city, and for sure, one can get residential plots at an affordable price courtesy of Username investment. 

6. Nakuru Airport launched

The government of Kenya through the Kenya Airways Authority is set to start the construction of an Airport in Nakuru town which will set off a great increase in all economic sectors in Nakuru. 

This opportunity of investing in Nakuru is worth going for as soon as possible while their pricing is still in an affordable range. 

The land appreciation rate in Nakuru is being recorded year in and year out recently recording an increment of up to 13%. Therefore, whoever has the potential of owning either residential plots or commercial plots should grab them as soon as possible. 

Username investment ltd for instance offers flexible terms when it comes to payment options, which is quite a good reason one should never worry especially if you are willing to invest.