May 21, 2024

Why Ductless Mini-Splits Might Be Right for You

Summers in Louisiana may be scorching, and as the season approaches, you may be seeking methods to remain cool. For many, this aid comes in the form of a convenient air conditioner. While most houses use central air or window-style units, some demand something considerably smaller.

Fortunately, you don’t have to depend on loud and frequently ineffective fans in your small home or apartment. Thanks to ductless mini-split systems, you may still enjoy the cool air of an air conditioner! These operate by linking various rooms to a single exterior compressor, eliminating the need for lengthy ducting.

You may not have heard of them before, yet they can give several advantages. As you read on, you’ll discover what these benefits are! Then, if you’re ready to add one to your house, contact LenAire Inc.’s Bossier’s heating and cooling pros for same-day installations!

Simple to Install and Maintain

As previously said, these air conditioning units don’t need to use ducts, which may save a good amount of time and money during installation. LenAire Inc. simply needs to work on your internal walls because there are only two key components- no need to tear down your ceiling!

They will also require less maintenance and checks because they are smaller than conventional air conditioners. Because they lack ductwork, they also require filter cleaning or replacement. Most units must be cleaned or have blockages removed.


We all want to save money, but our monthly power bills are the most challenging roadblock. Heating and cooling equipment may play a significant role in this since they are always on when we need them the most. Older versions are more susceptible since they must work harder to maintain adequate air temperatures. You will immediately notice a difference when you switch them with a ductless mini-split. To prevent wasting additional electricity, these devices are exclusively positioned in places requiring controlled air.

There are also some fantastic government incentives! When homeowners install energy-efficient HVAC equipment in their homes, Louisiana offers up to $2,000 in cash, and the federal government can offer even more in tax breaks.

Mini-splits are also better for the environment. These technologies can help you be more environmentally conscious in your daily life. They use considerably safer refrigerants than larger air conditioners, which may help keep you much healthier. Because of their size, they will be able to emit far less emissions, reducing your carbon footprint.

Temperature Regulation

Different rooms in some houses retain heat differently. This is mainly owing to their location, number of windows, and insulation. As a result, providing the same temperature of cold air to each region is a waste. Because each room has its own defined zone, ductless mini-splits make it easy to select how it should feel.

Even better, these devices may be used for both heating and cooling! That means you won’t need to install a separate system in your house throughout the winter. With Louisiana’s unpredictable weather, this gadget might come in handy.

Installation Assistance

Now that you have a better grasp of these devices, it is time to think about installing one in your house. Given that LenAire Inc. is all about delivering safety and comfort at a reasonable price, why not seek their assistance with installation?

They have been Bossier City’s go-to choice for over 35 years, always maintaining their standards and continuing their mission to provide 100% satisfaction. By providing same-day services and using mini splits coming from top-trusted brands, you can bet that these goals are met.

Before you commit to their work, LenAire Inc. will provide you with a free estimate after they inspect your home and determine what sort of unit would work best for you. If you need a different price, they can try to figure something out or offer you some of their special financing through Wells Fargo.

If you need a repair on your unit, they will be there the day you call to ensure that you don’t have to suffer in the heat. If the problem with the ductless mini-split is due to their own faults, the resolutions will come at no charge to you, too.

Quality and efficiency are both keys in regard to great cooling units, which is what you can expect from ductless mini splits. The same should be said about the technicians who install them. Call LenAire Inc. today, and you will see that they meet these standards to a tee.