June 20, 2024

Why Do I Keep Having Heater Problems?

Like many other mechanical devices, heaters may malfunction under specific conditions. When this occurs, it helps to know a little bit about your equipment and how to do some little maintenance on your own. Learn more about your heater and what to do in case anything goes wrong by reading the information below.

Look into the Source of Power

If you’ve checked the power supply and the heater is still not working, there may be other issues that are keeping it from functioning properly. Other internal components, such as the thermostat, relay, or motor, may also be affected. If the heater is an older type or has had extensive, harsh use, these components may need to be replaced.

Look For Potential Barriers

Check to make sure nothing is blocking the airflow to or from your heater. If something restricts the airflow and fails to provide appropriate heat dispersion, your heater will stop working. Blockages are often caused by the presence of furniture, draperies, rugs, and other objects near the heater. If you believe anything is obstructing airflow, carefully remove it from the heater and observe if the issue is resolved. Rarely could something have accidentally been shoved into the vents, perhaps causing a blockage? Look into the air vents and take out any items that may have landed there or near them.

Replace Or Clean The Filter

Your heater’s air filter could get blocked with grit and grime over time. The filter prevents dirt and other airborne particles from entering the system, helping to keep the heater’s internal components clean. When this occurs, it may limit airflow, causing your heater to function poorly or not at all. To avoid this, make sure you routinely check and clean your air filter. If you discover that the filter has to be replaced, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Along with maintaining your heater in good working order, this may also extend its lifespan.

Issues with Thermostats

Your heater may not be working correctly if the thermostat is either too high or too low. Since the thermostat controls when the heater turns on and off, adjusting it properly is crucial to ensuring the heater works as intended. Consult the user manual that comes with your thermostat to make sure it is set correctly. If not, change the settings to get the heater to behave the way you want.

Problems With the Pilot Light

To get the heater working again, it may just need to have the pilot light relit. The process for relighting your heater may differ depending on the kind. It is essential that you strictly follow the manufacturer’s directions to make sure that you are safely and correctly igniting your pilot light. If you follow these instructions carefully, your heater should start working right away. If your attempts are unsuccessful, it is often preferable for you to seek the advice of a competent professional. They are more prepared to identify and address any potential underlying issues.

Make a Business Contact

If your heater is still not working correctly after checking the thermostat, filter, and power sources, it’s time to call a heating expert for assistance from a trained professional. There is a chance you may need a new furnace, so calling an expert in furnace installation in Aumsville, OR, may be your next move. You may be confident that your demands will always come first with a crew from Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning that responds to your call around the clock!