June 24, 2024

Hazards of a Clogged Drain

We’ve all had this experience: you’re in the shower, giving the concert of a lifetime to your shampoo and body wash when you notice that the water is suddenly up around your ankle! Clogged drains are a side effect of daily living and are sometimes unavoidable. Unfortunately, these can cause a multitude of issues for homeowners and can be a real pain to take care of if you don’t know what you’re doing.


If a drain is left clogged for too long, the bacteria and hair, among the other muck and goo, can start to smell. As water continues to drain through it, this can push it back up through and into your tub or sink, causing your bathroom to smell. By taking care of the clog professionally, you reduce the chance of exposing yourself to one of these smelly situations that can ruin not only your shower but your whole day.

Smells coming from your drain are very easy to overlook and very hard to identify due to being a hidden smell. Calling A & A Plumbing regularly for a scheduled drain cleaning can catch not only a clog that might lead to the smell but can also prevent a clog to begin with.

Water Damage

The most common–and inconvenient hazard of a clogged drain is water damage. As drains clog and water lacks the ability to drain, your pipes can become rusted, and if this happens in the winter, cold weather can cause your pipes to burst, causing a whole host of issues both immediately and in the long run.

Additionally, a clogged drain can cause water to leak back behind a tub or sink and allow mold to grow, encouraging an unsafe environment for both children and pets. By getting your drains cleaned by A & A Plumbing on a regular basis, you can help prevent clogging and lower the risk of dangerous mold growing behind your bath tile and a situation like this unfolding in your home.

Associated Costs

Some other costs that might not be immediately thought about when it comes to clogged drains can be quite expensive. If you opt to try to clean the drain yourself instead of calling a professional, you run the risk of making the clog worse, pushing it further down to an area that is harder to clean, or even breaking a drain snake or grafter off in the drain! Additionally, Drain-clearing chemicals like drain-o can have harsh fumes that can be dangerous themselves and be a pain to work with–not to mention time-consuming and stressful. Professionals who have experience in drain cleaning are able to accurately assess the situation and provide the correct tools to get the job done.

Calling up the professional drain cleaners of A & A Plumbing for drain cleaning in San Antonio, TX can have your drain back in working order in no time. With these pros, the dangers and risks of a clogged drain will be the last thing on your mind, and you can get back to your daily routine without worrying about an overflowing sink, drain, or bathtub!