May 21, 2024

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Bathroom Vanities?

If you are not aware of the importance of a bathroom vanity, you are about to know it soon. Your bathroom does not want a vanity, it needs it! A bathroom vanity is an ideal accessory for your bathroom. It is basically a mixture of a sink and storage in the bathroom, a cabinet if you will. Your bathroom can get a nice touch with an attractive vanity and you can have ample space to store all the necessary accessories. There are a built-in sink and all the plumbing work connected with it. You may wonder where to get the best bathroom vanity units but before that, you need to know about the factors to consider:

Proper Size

Even though there are some standard dimensions for bathrooms, every bathroom certainly differs in terms of measurements. A small bathroom would need a small bathroom vanity and a big one would obviously need bigger. Usually, the measurements are 3 inches so it is an accurate rule of thumb to consider. There are large double-sink vanities and the same ones in condensed form. Decide what you want and get all types of vanities in the right place.

Type of Vanity

Bathroom vanity units differ in types as well and these are the types available:

Free Standing Vanity

Freestanding vanity is the most common type of vanity that is placed on the floor and attached to a wall with screws.

Open Space Vanity

As the name suggests, the open space vanity units are open and can provide that relaxing open place in the bathroom. There is a storage space to keep things but it is not covered with any door or panel. You wouldn’t have to open any drawer or a door to get your things.

Floating Vanity

The floating bathroom vanity unit is a wall-mounted vanity. These are commonly used lately in contemporary designs. These type of vanity units will give you extra floor space and a luxurious look in the bathroom.

Sink Types

Single Sink

Single sink bathroom vanity units are usually installed in a small bathroom. These can store a limited number of items but is great for guest bathrooms, condos, etc. If you do not have a lot to store, we would suggest you go for this.

Double Sink

Double sink vanities are a perfect choice for a couple living together. There are two adjacent sinks where both of them can get ready in the morning together. Besides this, there is a lot of space to store cosmetic items and other products.

Corner Sink

Corner sink vanity units are obviously attached in the corner of the bathroom, saving you a significant amount of space. These can be free-standing or mounted to the wall and take up very limited space, while also storing your stuff.

Where To Buy Bathroom Vanities?

All the aforementioned factors, coupled with some more, will give you an idea of the kind of bathroom vanity you want. Once you are settled on the type, you can go on to browse about the options available in the particular category. There are quite a few places in Sydney where you can get yourselves the best bathroom vanity units. We would advise you to be aware of any unprofessional. They claim to know what they are doing but you will not get the quality you desire. The top-of-the-line pick would be someone with good experience in the field with a comprehensive collection. A bit of research here and there and you’ll know how and where to make the right choice!