May 27, 2024

Buy The Entire Bathroom Vanity with Our Guide

Unlike other pieces of furniture in your house like your wardrobe and bed which you can change easily, bathroom vanities are more permanent than you can think of. So buying the right vanity for your bathroom can be a tough choice when there are so many varieties of designs, sizes, sink types, and materials to choose from. You will always want to buy a vanity that is up to your style and comfort level, complementing your bathroom as well. Here is a short guide that will help you to choose the right bathroom vanity of your choice. 

  • Materials used to make the cabinets: One of the most important decisions you have to make while purchasing your bathroom vanity is the right material for the sink. Most people prefer wood as it’s natural and can give off an authentic antique look, but unfortunately with wood furniture, you also need to keep in mind that humidity and moisture can alter the wood and can lead you up to a bad experience. Thus, rubber-wood is a very feasible option in this category as they offer the strength of wood and the durability of rubber. 
  • Types of vanities: Mainly there are 5 types of bathroom vanities to choose from. They are free-standing vanity, floating vanity, open space vanity, glass bathroom vanity, and last but not least vessel sink vanity. Free-standing vanities are typically attached to the wall with their legs seated on the floor. These are the most common types of vanities. Floating vanities are wall-mounted, making them the classic choice of modern and contemporary designs. Open space vanities feature a visible space to store your amenities and give the room an airy feeling. Vessel sinks are as they sound, featuring a basin on the countertop and lastly, glass vanities are made from translucent tempered glass. 
  • Types of styles: There are several styles to choose from when it comes to bathroom vanities like antique, transitional, modern, furniture style, and European styles. Antique vanities are much more elaborate, fancy and are inspired by the vintage art-deco period. Transitional vanities are a blend of modern and old designs, giving you the perfect blend of class and modern features. Among the most recent trends, furniture style vanities are in an uprising as they provide the features of normal vanities with sinks and faucets. Typically slim with a lighter color palette, European-style vanity is the choice of many. 

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