June 24, 2024

What Are My Heating Options in My Home?

You’re more concerned right now about how you’re going to remain cool as summer approaches. Regardless of how crucial air conditioning is, it is always a wise idea to plan accordingly and ahead of time for cooler days. Given how quickly the weather in North Carolina may change, this is something you should be thinking about right now.

Heating is equally essential, especially for the elderly and young children. However, there are several pieces of equipment from which to choose for this duty. Air Works Heating & Air will assist you in locating the best unit for your property. They will undoubtedly know which of the following you should install if they provide trusted heating services across Franklin and Wake County.


This is the most used type of home heating. Furnaces burn fuel in an oven-like chamber and are powered by resources such as gas, oil, and electricity. This heat is circulated throughout the house using a ventilation system. Most systems allow you to select the desired temperature fast.

Furnaces are popular among homeowners because they can quickly heat a whole house. If you decide to install one, Air Works Heating & Air can provide you with an energy-efficient model from a reputable and well-known manufacturer.

Heat Exchangers

This option may be less popular than its competitors. Heat pumps run by taking heat from the air or ground outside of the building and storing it inside the house or business. Heat pumps collect heat in the winter and transfer it from the structure to cool it down in the summer.

If you want to avoid a furnace, this is the best alternative. Because heat pumps utilize the same process for heating and cooling, they save energy and money. Heat pumps extract and move heat from the surrounding air or ground. This heat is collected and used to heat your home more effectively than a standard furnace. Another prime benefit of heat pumps is that you may be eligible for government subsidies if you utilize such an energy-efficient technology!

Ductless Mini-Splits

These devices, like heat exchangers, can be used alternately in the summer and winter, eliminating the need to swap out equipment, which is ideal for inclement weather. This device, as the name says, does not need to be linked to your ducts. Instead, you divide your home into zones that are all linked to a single outside unit. Temperatures in ductless mini-splits are significantly more stable than in their equivalents.

Another advantage of these gadgets is that they use less energy and are environmentally friendly. You can also change the ambiance of each area, allowing everyone in the house to be as comfortable as they wish. Filter changes and regular vent cleaning are the sole maintenance requirements for these devices.

Obtaining Decision-Making Assistance

With all of this on your mind, you might already have an inkling about the type of heating you will want to use through fall and winter, but there is still the dreaded question of the right brand. While you can read up for hours online, professional technicians can provide you with more honest and timely answers.

At Air Works Heating & Air, they always provide quality choices to their customers. The only heating units they install are ones that they trust will last a long time and save on various costs. Not all folks have the same budget, but they can promise a good device to everyone. You can find a list of some of the products they have right on their website.

Whenever they install your heater, you will also be guaranteed a one-year warranty, as well as upfront instructions on how to use your unit and keep it maintained. After all, how can you expect it to work for you if you don’t know how to operate it?

With appointment times available every day of the week, you can call them back any time you notice a problem. No matter how minor or major it is, they guarantee that they will get you back to feeling comfortable in no time at all.

Preparing early can save you from grief when a cold snap suddenly hits. Air Works Heating & Air is bound to be there for you now, no matter if it’s for that or if you need help with your AC. Call them today and be prepared for anything Mother Nature brings.