April 23, 2024

Utility Cyber Security: A Comprehensive Guide

You might wonder why a utility company could need cyber security, but in reality, it is imperative to have utility cyber security. If the utility industry were to come under a cyberattack, that could be devastating to the country’s power grid and other essential systems. At Smart Grid Observers, we want you to understand the risks and benefits of using a cyber security plan.

Due to technological advancements, hackers can target some of the highest cyber accounts possible, leaving important data, public safety, and other information in danger of being released. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of installing a cyber security program to prevent cyberattacks from compromising specific systems used by utility companies. The future of utility cyber security relies on us and the information that we have at hand.

What Is Utility Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity has been a significant issue for a number of years, but considering the milestones we have reached with modern-day technology, it is becoming even worse. Cyberattacks are notorious for having the potential to take out an entire country’s power system and cause infrastructure failure. However, this is not the only thing that they can do. Having a utility cyber security system can help protect your company from attacks that can threaten your power grid and the safety of your customers.

How can you stop cyber attacks with cyber security? We are glad that you asked. When a utility company guards their information by preventing certain malware from entering its systems, if the malware were to make it past the security system, it could mean an interruption in electricity which could have the potential to impact millions of people. If your company is without security, consider investing to protect your business and customers. There are several risks when it comes to having an unprotected network that is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The Risks of Leaving Your Network Unprotected

When leaving your network unprotected, you are taking a significant risk that could cost a shiny penny if your company was to be targeted by a cyber attack. Utility companies are not the only ones who suffer from cyber attacks. Customers who use the company to receive their power can also be affected because their information is stored within their database. When a cyber attacker reaches the internal system and can access specific information, they can also receive information about the customers, such as names, addresses, banking information, and more.

A data leak isn’t the only potential risk to take into consideration when thinking about the dangers of an unsecured network. When you leave your network unsecured, it opens the door to several risks that can affect a utility company in a severe way, including:

  • Unsecure networks can cause increased threats that continuously target the utility company. This includes those looking to push security and economic dislocation, hackers who realize that the value of the particular sector is significant, and certain activists trying to publicly show their optimism about the company’s broad agenda.
  • Becoming dependent on physical and cyber infrastructures can make certain companies vulnerable to exploitation. The company’s use of wireless meters can be hacked into and cause issues with billing for customers and the company. They can even experience problems with cyber-attacks that are able to stop multiple wind turbines from producing electricity and cause physical damage.
  • Cyber attackers are expanding their horizons and increasing the number of ways that they can get into a company’s system. This also includes adding new and complex ways to break into the company’s personal information.

Leaving your network unsecured is like leaving your door unlocked at night. It is a dangerous thing and can have severe consequences if left vulnerable. If you are concerned about your company being targeted by cyber attackers, then we suggest you try the following steps.

  • First, you would create a study that will help you identify what is considered a critical asset in your company. If it would be dangerous to lose or have compromised, then you should make a plan to protect that information.
  • Another critical step is to consider security every step of the way as your network grows. Even if you invested in security during the early stages of your company, you will still need to reassess as your network continues to build and merge with other networks.
  • The only way to keep your network safe is to invest in the proper software that can address these specific security concerns. Hiring extra personnel and training them on what to look out for and what needs to be protected can improve your chances tremendously of avoiding a cyber-attack.
  • Applying for grants from the government can help you if your company has recently been through a cyber attack. These grants provide funds to help rebuild your networks and improve your security.

Following these steps can help you prevent, survive, and recover quickly and more efficiently from a dangerous cyber attack. However, prevention is always crucial when it comes to security, and having measures in place in case of a breach is always the best idea regarding valuable information.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Security

At Smart Grid Observer, we like to look at both sides of the topic, including their advantages and disadvantages. Some are surprised to learn that cyber security systems can have drawbacks, but nothing is impossible. When considering utility cyber security, you may face a few disadvantages, including cost, complexity, and even system performance.

Having a great security system is essential when running a company, especially one with thousands of customers or more. The costs can add up due to advancements in hardware and software, maintenance and upgrade, and training techniques for employees. The saying, “You get what you pay for,” also comes into play here when we talk about the complexity of the program. If your security programs are installed incorrectly, this can keep you from performing your duties and cause your information to become vulnerable to hackers.

However, when it comes to securing your network, the good outweighs the bad. There are several advantages to consider for your company and customers when considering a utility cyber security, including:

  • Protection against malicious attacks
  • Data protection
  • The integrity of process control systems
  • Reduced legal liabilities
  • Maintained customer confidence

By following the steps that have been provided and ensuring customers that you are concerned about their safety as well, the cost of security is priceless. It is always better to be more prepared and ready than blindsided by a cyber attack.

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