June 16, 2024

Types of food freezing equipment

Food freezing is very important as it keeps the food safe and fresh. Whether it is at home or in an industry, it is important to keep the food in the refrigerator. There are different types of freezing technologies which are used for freezing different kinds of foods.

Box Freezers

Box freezers are also known as cartoon freezers. In box freezers, the products which are packed are sorted, transported and then stored in shelves in a storage which has cold blasts of air. These boxes are then kept there for a long time. These box freezers do not require a lot of manpower and have automated mechanisms. One disadvantage of these freezers is that they cannot be used for all types of foods.

Contact Freezers

The main method of heat transfer which is used by contact freezers is conduction. In these freezers, the food comes in contact with a cold service and then it is frozen.

Cryogenic Freezers

Cryogenic freezers use different types of gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide which are liquefiable. These gases are used by these freezers for producing vapours and then they freeze the products.

Plate Freezers

Plate freezers are usually used for freezing flat products like fish fillets, pastries and beef patties. They can also freeze irregular shaped products like broccoli and cauliflower. They freeze the food very quickly and they are easy to install.

Belt Freezers

There are different types of belt freezers like single belt freezers, multi belt freezers and spiral belt freezers. These freezers use vertical airflow and then the cold air is forced through a layer. Then the cold air is distributed over the belt area. The products which can be frozen in belt freezers include patties, fish cakes, fillets. These foods can be frozen, packaged or unpackaged.

Air Blast Freezers

Air blast freezers are also commonly known as cold storage freezer and these are the oldest type of freezers. They involve very low investment and the method is very simple. These types of freezers are suitable for freezing large and unprocessed products but the thing which should be kept in mind is that it is a slow method of freezing. The main advantage of air blast freezer is that it can be used to freeze different kinds of products.

These are the main types of freezers which are available these days in the market. It can be really confusing to choose one when you have so many options. That is why you should check and compare all the features and prices of these freezers. All of these freezers work differently from each other and the products which can be frozen in them are also very different. Some of these freezers are very easy to use while others require a little extra effort. You should check all of these types of freezers which are available in the market, their uses, way to use them, products which they can freeze and then compare their prices before buying the one for yourself.