May 27, 2024

The Dangers of DIY Tree Trimming

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about sprucing up your yard! For many people, that means breaking out the ladder and doing some DIY trimming of their trees and bushes. But before you start hacking away at your foliage, you should know that there are dangers associated with DIY tree trimming—dangers that can be easily avoided by hiring a professional tree trimming service. 

Join us as we break down what’s included in a typical tree trimming service and explain why it’s worth paying for professional help.

What’s Included in a Tree Trimming Service?

When you hire a professional tree trimming service, you can expect them to do a thorough job of cleaning up your yard. This includes removing any dead or dying branches, shaping the crown of the tree, and thinning out dense areas to promote new growth. 

They will also clean up any debris left behind after the trimming is complete. To give you an even more complete service, most companies will even trim your bushes and shrubs to keep your whole yard neat and tidy!

Why You Should Avoid DIY Tree Trimming

There are several dangers associated with DIY tree trimming, the most important of which is the risk of injury. Climbing a ladder with sharp tools in hand is never a good idea, and it’s all too easy to slip and fall when you’re dealing with branches overhead. 

Even if you don’t suffer any serious injuries, there’s also a good chance you’ll damage your property—or your neighbor’s property—in the process. And then there’s the simple fact that DIY tree trimming is rarely done as well as it could be by someone who isn’t trained in the proper techniques. 


When it comes to tree trimming, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals. Not only will they do a better job, but they’ll also avoid damaging your property—and putting themselves in danger in the process. So save yourself the hassle and call a tree trimming service today!