April 23, 2024

10 Important Questions You Should Ask a Real Estate Agent Before Selling Your Home

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or an experienced property seller, you need to ask a real estate agent some important questions before selling your home. Here are ten important questions to ask a Real Estate Agent before you list your home for sale.

Can I get a comparative market analysis?

A comparative market analysis is a tool that compares your home to other similar homes that have recently sold. The result is a rough estimate of the value of your home. It can be done independently with some local real estate market knowledge. You can get this from your real estate agent or do the research yourself.

What’s the list-price-to-selling-price ratio?

Getting a list-price-to-selling-price ratio before selling your home is a great way to establish what your home is worth.

Can you build a competitive pricing strategy for my property?

Having a Realtor who knows how to build a competitive pricing strategy before selling your home can help you make the most out of your listing. In a competitive market, you want to ensure your house is priced well so it can be sold quickly.

Are you familiar with the neighborhood?

Getting an agent who knows a few neighborhoods before selling your home can help you find the right house for sale or ensure that your house is the right house that’s up for sale. You can also get an insider’s look at the market, find out what buyers are looking for, and make the best improvements. This is especially helpful if you live in a hot market.

Is now a good time to sell?

You don’t want to sell in a volatile market, so you’ll need to get a clear answer from the agent. You deserve to maximize your profit from this.

Who will conduct viewings?

Sometimes the real estate agent will take care of the viewings; other times, it may be someone else within the agency or a third party. So, it’s very important to ask this, so you have a clear answer.

How much is my property worth?

Getting a handle on your home’s value is a must for homeowners and investors alike. It’s so important that not only does the real estate agent understand, but you’ll also need to understand the value and the worth of the property.

How often will we communicate?

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, communication plays an important role in any real estate transaction. With today’s technology, it’s easy to communicate with your agent. And with that communication, you can keep your transaction moving forward. You should make sure your agent understands your needs. Your agent should be able to answer your questions about the local market. They should also be able to offer you advice about improving your home. You can also ask your agent to set up a cheat sheet with frequently asked questions about the process and your community.

How long has a homes you sold been on the market?

A home that has been on the market for more than a month is likely to have a price reduction offer. Depending on your market, it may take a few days, weeks, or even months to sell your home or other property. A good real estate agent can give you an idea of how long it may take to find the perfect home.

Can I get it in writing?

Getting in writing with a real estate agent before selling your home is an important step. You will be signing an exclusive listing agreement which gives your agent the right to sell your home.

You’ll want to ensure that the real estate agent holds up their end of the bargain, which is why you need to get what you can in writing.