May 21, 2024

Safety Mechanisms to Install Into Your Business

A critical part of running a business is ensuring the safety of both your employees and the products held within your building. If anything were to happen, it could cost you a lot of money or even lawsuits down the road. To deter this from happening, you can easily find safety mechanisms at a reasonable price, all in one place. National Lock Supply has many choices for you to choose from to feel more secure.

Finding the Right Lock

As our name might suggest, one of the items we carry at National Lock Supply is the lock. Without a lock, others can easily slip into your business when no one is there, taking any of the products you carry. Worse yet, they could even steal important documents.

Not all doors or locks are the same, however, so we carry a slew of options. Choosing the right one depends on a lot of factors. What type of doors does your business have? How much security are you looking for? What is your budget?

Some of our most popular locks choices are:

  • Cylindrical Knob
  • Cylindrical Lever
  • Mortise
  • Push-Pull Latch

Exit Hardware: Your Friend During Emergencies

Whether we like it or not, there are times when emergencies happen. It could be something minor, like a smoke detector going off accidentally, but it could also be as major as a full-out fire. To make sure that everyone in your building gets out quickly, you want to make sure your doors are easy to get through.

The exit hardware that we carry makes this possible, giving you options for panic hardware and/or exit alarm devices. Our panic hardware makes it so that you just need to push on the lever to open the door, meaning you don’t have to jiggle a knob or lever, which can feel more difficult when your adrenaline is pumping. Exit alarm devices are made out of a sensor that is affixed to doors or other passageways and emits an audible signal when someone attempts to leave the area. This allows individuals to be alerted if a potentially harmful scenario is approaching, allowing them time to respond effectively and avert potential damage.

Keypads Give Your Doors the Most Security

While locks are a great choice for securing your precious items, keypad locks are even more beneficial. Because one would need to type in a code to get through, even fewer people would be able to get through. Keypad locks are not as easy to pick or break as other locks, so you can feel at peace when you leave the building for the day or for the weekend.

What Makes National Lock Supply the Perfect Choice

When you want to get all of your security mechanisms in one place, you should go to National Lock Supply’s online store. We ensure you that we will have everything you need, unlike going to a hardware store with very few choices. We also deliver the same day that you buy, meaning you will be securing your doors in no time!

With some of the best brands on the market, you know the products you buy from us will be the best quality possible at a reasonable price! You might even find products you will want to use in your own home.

Don’t let your business and your employees be at risk for any type of problem. Keep safe and look at all of National Lock Supply’s options today.