May 21, 2024

Quick and inexpensive bathroom renovation 

Our article will help you understand how to make a beautiful bathroom renovation with your own hands inexpensively and quickly, and the photos attached to it will allow you to make sure that even from budget materials you can create a cozy room. Savings should not be excessive. This is especially true of plumbing. But still, with a competent approach, you can save quite a significant amount (up to 2/3 of the total cost of repairs).

How to make an inexpensive bathroom renovation? When planning a budget repair in the bathroom, you must first assess your own strength and make an approximate budget that will be spent on this work. Not everyone will be able to do all the installation work themselves.

Think about what you can do yourself. Partial savings will also save you money, so don’t overestimate yourself and do everything on your own. Let’s look at which jobs are easiest for a beginner to do.

For more complicated jobs, it’s best to bring in professionals, but this will increase the cost of the repair. Therefore, we will look at the simplest options for tiling walls and other surfaces. If you take your bathroom renovations seriously, even inexperienced home craftsmen will be able to plan and execute all the steps of the renovation. Before you start tiling and other manipulations, it is advisable to watch an instructional video on the subject. It provides a basic overview of the nuances of a budget renovation, as well as valuable advice.


There are several inexpensive options for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom. The simplest of them considers painting the surface. For such a purpose, it is required to purchase a special water-based paint. However, this method is only suitable if the ceiling in the room is level. If you prefer, you can even it out yourself with plaster and filler.

How to plaster a surface properly? To begin with, the old paint must be removed and the ceiling primed. Then a plaster layer is applied to the ceiling. A wide spatula is used for this. Then, it is necessary to grind the plaster with a trowel and let it dry completely. After that, the grouting procedure is repeated once more. The second step in levelling the ceiling is the plastering work. The plaster is also first impregnated with a primer. The ceiling is then puttyed. One coat of putty is not enough. It is recommended that the material is applied in two coats. Now you can start to paint it.

The second easy way to repair a ceiling involves the use of PVC panels. The plastic parts are assembled on a framework using galvanised metal profiles.

Inexpensive bathroom renovations can be done using special photos that demonstrate the feasibility of a particular method. The cladding material has a decisive impact on the room’s interior, so its choice should be taken seriously.


Tiling the bathroom wall is not a viable option. Of course, this option is the most suitable for this room, but there are other ways that are just as good as tiling. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular materials used to finish walls.

As with the ceiling, walls can also be tiled with plastic. PVC panels are inexpensive and easy to install. Another advantage is that you can hide pipes and wiring behind them. Maintenance of such panels is also quite simple. Clean dirt from the surface with a damp sponge or cloth.

Moisture resistant paint is inexpensive and creates a cosy atmosphere in the bathroom. With this finish, you can pick your favourite colour and make your own bathroom. Just remember, only paint on a perfectly flat surface.

A rather interesting way to decorate a bathroom is to use waterproof wallpaper. As a rule, special adhesive is used to paste them. Such wallpaper has a wide variety of textures and patterns. Wallpaper imitating mosaic pattern looks very stylish.


The floor in the bathroom also needs attention. It is recommended to make it from tiles, but there are other options. Budget repair is most often made in small rooms. In such a situation, the cost of buying tiles will be insignificant. What material can replace tiles? The most suitable option – laying linoleum.

We recommend the use of special moisture-proof linoleum. It is more expensive, but its service life is also longer. Moisture-resistant material is resistant to dampness, so mould and fungal growth cannot develop underneath it.

Plumbing and lighting 

Once the ceiling, walls and floor have been tiled, the plumbing and lighting fixtures can be installed. Experienced craftsmen are advised not to skimp on these two items. Cheap plumbing fittings can fail quickly, and poorly made lighting will need to be redone. If the plumbing has serious defects, it is definitely worth fixing them. A low-budget renovation may well involve the complete replacement of old traps as well as faucets.

Thus, it is possible to make an inexpensive bathroom renovation with your own hands, as there are plenty of options for cheap coverings that are quick and easy to install. Don’t forget that the final result depends on your degree of preparation and desire.