June 20, 2024

My Toilet Won’t Stop Running; Please Help!

It can be annoying as a homeowner to discover that your toilet has been running the entire time while you are inside. A continuously running toilet can be a pain, causing your water bill to rise and producing an annoyance every time you flush.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this typical housing problem. Here, we’ll examine what you can do to resolve the issue on your own as well as how to determine when it’s best to contact Stonelink Plumbing & Heating plumbing experts rather than trying to handle the matter yourself.

Possible Reason: Damaged Flapper Chain

Although a faulty flapper change seems significant, it’s actually quite simple to fix. Following a flush, the flapper prevents tank water from overflowing into the toilet bowl. The rubber flapper is controlled by a chain that is attached to the flush handle. There’s a chance the toilet will run nonstop if the chain breaks.

Remove the toilet lid, find the chain, and press the flush lever to see if it functions properly. You’ll need to install a new chain or reconnect the existing one if you discover that it’s broken or disconnected. In order for the chain to work properly, you can also find that it is too tight or too loose.

The solution is as simple as shifting the chain so that a new link is connected to the flushing assembly. It’s time to call an expert if this doesn’t work.

Possible Reason: Frayed Flapper

The flapper may occasionally break or sustain damage. Because it is unable to stop the water from the tank from pouring into the toilet bowl, your toilet runs constantly.

The flapper at the bottom of your toilet’s tank is visible when the lid is removed. It’s easier than it sounds to remove the broken flapper and drain the tank if you notice that it is no longer sealing.

Any hardware or plumbing store will carry a universal replacement, which you can easily install by following the instructions on the package. In case you are incapable of completing this task independently, contact a licensed plumbing service.

What Time to Get a Plumber?

Even while doing the repairs yourself can save you money and time, there are instances when hiring a plumber makes more sense. It’s time to call a professional plumbing firm to have a look at your toilet if you’ve tried a DIY remedy and are still unable to stop it from running. The sooner you address this problem with a plumber, the better, since a perpetually running toilet might result in expensive water usage.

Bathroom flooding is another possible problem brought on by the toilet’s continuous flow of water. There’s a chance that the toilet will overflow and spill water over your bathroom floor. This may result in irreversible damage to your house that will cost thousands of dollars to fix. You should call a plumber as soon as possible to inspect your running toilet rather than waiting for a more serious issue to arise.

Locating a Rhode Island Plumber

Contacting a reliable home plumber in Rhode Island is crucial if you’re looking for one. Stonelink Plumbing & Heating is eager to assist you with all of your plumbing needs and is renowned for offering Rhode Island, and the surrounding area excellent plumbing services.

Stonelink Plumbing & Heating offers repair specialists that can handle any plumbing problem, including frozen pipes, leaky sinks, and toilets that won’t stop running.