June 20, 2024

Things to Look Out for in Plumbing Before Purchasing a Home

Congrats! You’re ready to purchase a home! Buying a house may be a daunting experience, so it’s critical that you take your time and fully understand what you’re getting into.

If plumbing problems are ignored, they can harm your new house and be expensive to repair. It’s crucial that you check out for a few major plumbing problems when you’re viewing homes and conducting a home inspection. Here, we’ll examine some of the plumbing-related issues you should be aware of when looking for a place to call home.

Examine the Sewer Pipe

We realize it’s not the most enjoyable aspect of the house-buying process, but buying a property with a sewer line issue can lead to unforeseen repairs that could cost thousands of dollars. You should hire an expert to inspect the sewer system with a camera before you buy a new house. They will keep a watch out for problems like corrosion, blockages, and interference from tree roots that can cause sewer lines to collapse.

Heater for Water

Water heaters typically have a ten-year lifespan. You might want to ask the seller to include a new water heater with the purchase of the house if the one in the one you’re thinking about buying was installed more than ten years ago. It is advisable to consider the water heater’s position as well as the potential extent of damage in the event of a leak.

Lower Level

You already know the extent of the damage that water can do if you’ve ever had the terrible experience of having your basement flood. Examine the basement for indications of water damage, such as peeling paint, uneven flooring, mold growth, or discoloration near baseboards. If you become aware of these problems, inquire with the sellers about if water is typically present in the basement and discuss with your inspector the necessary actions to address previous water damage and stop water from entering the basement in the future.

Put the Taps On

Turn on every tap in the home and pour some of the water into a glass throughout this minute-long task. Check the water for rust, as this could indicate that the tap is starting to deteriorate in places you can’t see. Important note: when you first turn on the water, it’s common for some rust to come out of the tap if the property has been unoccupied for a long time, but this should stop in a matter of seconds.

Inspect Drains

Even though corroded drain lines are uncommon, you should always make sure that every drain line is clear and drains correctly. You may gauge how quickly each water container empties by running the water in each region for one or two minutes.

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