July 25, 2024

How to Make a Home Look Upmarket 

What makes a home upmarket or luxury? We often think of things like a salubrious neighborhood, an upscale part of town, lots of expensive home installations, renovation jobs and, of course, we often imagine luxury homes to lean a little towards the larger end of the scale. All of this is undoubtedly true, but what makes a home appear luxury is quite a different matter, one that involves careful interior design and selective presentation of the home’s best attributes. Moreover, whether you have a technically designated “luxury” home or not, making these slight alterations are sure to add to the home’s overall value. 

Naturally enough, this is pretty good news for anybody in the business of selling a home. CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage out of Utah specializing in interior design services as well, say that there are virtually no circumstances where doing what you can to make a home appear expensive will not actually add value. And that’s the neat part for home sellers – this is no sham, making your home appear more expensive actually makes it more expensive!

What Does Expensive Look Like? 

That can be an easy or a complicated question, depending on how you approach it. On the one hand, there are a great diversity of “expensive” homes and interior design styles. For example, an upscale city apartment is quite a different building to a country manor – in almost every design choice – but both are very much considered luxury homes.

But then again, there are so many examples you can look to and generally agreed-upon styles sure to make any home look more expensive. So if you consider what type of home you actually have and then visit places like high-end store showrooms or browse through estate agent listings for luxury homes, you’re sure to pretty quickly get a feel for what would make your home look more expensive. 

Of course, though, the truth of the matter is that there is no one answer to the above question. The best way to get an idea of how to make your home look luxury, therefore, is to a look at these design choices and see what works for you. 

Design Tips for a “Luxury” Look 

So, what can you do to make a home – any home – appear more expensive and reap the rewards of the resultant value boost? Here follows some great places to start:

Pay Attention to the Window Treatments

The windows are undoubtedly one part of your home that will never be overlooked. People pay attention to the windows. Generally speaking, long fabric drapes which scrape the floor is the way to go here. 

Add Moldings

Moldings are an effective and inexpensive way to add a luxury feel to your home. However, consider the style of said home. Antique or classical moldings look great on old builds, but they can be very incongruous in newer, more modern spaces. For these, consider something a bit more radical. 

Add Wall Treatments

And not necessarily over the whole wall. A tasteful texturing here and there can look exceptionally chic and therefore boost value. The age of the home also does not seem to be a factor where this is concerned. 

Maximize Space and Light 

True luxury homes can be packed with furniture and still retain space. For smaller buildings, you should aim to make the room look as spacious as possible. The same goes for how lit the room is while prioritizing natural light. 

Luxury homes are expensive; ordinary homes with luxury trimmings become expensive. Keep that in mind above all else.