May 27, 2024

How Often Should You Replace Kitchen Cabinet?

Regularly replacing the kitchen cabinets is crucial to extending their life and making them look great. There are various types of cabinet materials, and the quality of wood determines the durability of these units. A high-quality cabinet will last around twenty-five years, while the usual ones can prolong from ten to twenty years. However, proper maintenance is still required to determine the cupboards’ longevity. It is significant to inspect every cabinet in an individual’s kitchen carefully. This assurance will help with preserving its beauty and function.

What are the signs of a kitchen cabinet in need of replacement?

Each of these pieces of furniture has a warranty. Homeowners should be aware of this liability, considering it is for the long run. Kitchen remodeling in Rancho Cucamonga prioritizes this promotion to help homeowners use their kitchen cabinets comfortably. Although it can last too many years, it is vital to have it replaced to prevent wort-case-scenario. 

The cabinet’s longevity decreases the more an individual utilizes it. Moreover, one should replace it after ten years have passed. It will protect homeowners from encountering risks in the future. Besides, refacing will not take up much of a person’s time. Refacing can last from two to four days, while a DIY project finishes in only a couple of weeks. However, it is best to ask for a professional kitchen remodeling in Costa Mesa for help. The activity requires building, removing old cabinet doors, and enveloping any exposed face frame.

Peeling, dents, discoloration, and scratches are the most signs of a wearing-out cupboard. Property owners should not neglect this damage. Prevention is better than cure; they should do something about it before it worsens. 

Learn more about the indications of a cupboard requiring a replacement on the infographic below created and designed by Mr. Cabinet Care:


How Often Should You Replace Kitchen Cabinets