May 21, 2024

How to Become an Air BnB Host

Thinking of becoming an Air BnB host? Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips!

Make the Space Personal:

If you’re going to become an Air BnB host, then it’s important to try and make their stay as memorable as possible. Therefore, it’s important to make the space as personal as possible, and you can do this by getting to know your guests beforehand. By doing this, you can create a space for your guests that works perfectly and then they can enjoy their time in your Air BnB while feeling as though the host (you) has gone the extra mile to create a persoanlised space for them. 

Place an Emphasis on Cleanliness:

Just like any hotel, your guests will expect a specific standard of cleanliness. Therefore, it’s important that you ensure that your guests are walking into the most hygienic and clean space. As with any hotel service, guests can leave a bad review if they feel dissatisfied with anything, from the location to the cleanliness. Make sure there are no signs of neglect, and that there is no trace of anyone who has stayed there before, as this could put guests off and potentially ruin their stay. A great way to combat this is either to hire a professional cleaning service, or either to set yourself a detailed cleaning rota that you follow. 

List of What You Can Include:

Any property can be listed on Air BnB, but it’s important to decide what sets your property apart from the rest. When you’re listing your property, it’s important to add all the right photos, amenities you can provide and how this can improve your Air BnB guests and ratings. On the site in which you are uploading your Air BnB onto, it’s important to upload all details and ensure that the space is properly described for your potential guests.

Screen Your Guests:

Unfortunately, not all guests are the type of guests you are going to want to stay in your Air BnB. Thankfully, most Air BnB websites allow you to screen your guests beforehand, so you have the final say as to whether they can use your Air BnB. Screening your guests is a great way to make your Air BnB tailored to how you want it to function.

Keep the Décor Simple:

If you want your guests to feel at home in your Air BnB, then it’s vital that you keep the décor to a minimum. By doing this, you can make the guests feel as though they are walking into a blank canvas- in which they can relax.

Set Clear Rules:

It’s always important to set rules for your Air BnB guests, especially when it comes to paying any deposits for their stay. Although it’s important to have trust in your guests while they’re staying with you, it’s also important to set clear boundaries as this will ensure that your guests take full accountability if anything was to happen during their stay.

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