April 23, 2024

Get the Look of a Backsplash for Less with Vinyl Stick-On Tiles

Crazy Lazy Susan never ceases to amaze me! We love to DIY with vinyl stick on backsplash tiles and I recently made some new ones to complement my new kitchen. Here’s how we made them!

The Benefits of Vinyl Tile Backsplashes

Vinyl tile backsplashes are an affordable way to create a stylish design in any room. They’re easy to install, durable, and can be moved or removed without damaging the surface underneath. They’re also waterproof and mold resistant so they’re perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. And best of all, they come in tons of different colors, patterns, shapes and sizes so you can get exactly what you want.

How to Install a Vinyl Tile Backsplash

When it comes to installing vinyl stick on tiles, there are many steps and precautions to take. Here is how to install a backsplash using peel and stick tiles:

  • Measure your area. You’ll need at least three feet from the edge of your sink or stovetop if you’re installing them directly in front of these appliances. If you’re installing them around an island, countertop, or other obstruction, measure from that point instead. Make sure you have enough room for installation before beginning! 
  • Peel off one tile from its backing and place it where you want to install it on your wall or surface. This will be the first tile installed around this area. Be careful not to get glue all over your hands, clothing, or surfaces. 
  • Once you’ve positioned the tile correctly, use a flat object such as a credit card (or scrap piece of cardboard) and rub firmly across the top of it until the glue sets firmly into place. Repeat step 2 until all tiles have been attached in their proper places, including any cuts necessary to meet up with other areas such as when they run along corners or walls. 
  • Rub your finger over each individual tile after they are installed – some might not feel completely stuck down yet. Leave them overnight so they can adhere completely together; then wash away any excess adhesive that may remain using warm water and soap (a mixture of dish soap and water).

What Design Options Are Available?

Peel and stick vinyl tiles come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be cut to fit any space and are easily installed by just peeling off the backing and sticking them on. With these options, you can customize your look to anything you would like. 

The peel-and-stick tiles will make your kitchen or bathroom feel like new or give your living room an updated feel that’s much easier than painting! You’ll be able to create any pattern or design you want without having to worry about messes or paint fumes because they are easy to remove if needed too. They’re also perfect for renters because when it comes time to move out, the peel and stick tiles can easily be removed from the surface without damaging it. In addition, vinyl tiles are waterproof so they won’t warp or curl up even after years of use.

Tips for Maintaining Your Backsplash

No matter how much you love your backsplash, it’s important to maintain it so that it lasts as long as possible. We’re going to give you some tips on how to make sure your backsplash stays in tip-top shape! 

  • When cutting food, use a cutting board or other hard surface instead of tile.
  • Be careful when using abrasive cleaners on tiles like Comet and Scrubbing Bubbles. 
  • Make sure that any spills are cleaned up immediately and not allowed to dry, or else they will damage the adhesive and cause the vinyl tiles to peel away from the wall. 
  • Avoid placing items on tiles that could potentially scratch them (like sharp knives).