June 24, 2024

Five Garden Features For A Perfect Summer

Gardens have always been a popular asset for homeowners. Since the shock of COVID-19, the resulting lockdowns, and, now, the growing popularity of remote working, has skyrocketed their value, leaving residents with garden spaces in a very fortunate position. For buyers, however, the prices of homes with outdoor areas are continuing to grow. For many buyers, this price is still worth the investment, especially during summer when a garden offers a luxurious respite for residents to enjoy. 

If you want to get the most out of your garden during the summer, or make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers, then we have five features for you.

Dining Areas

Enjoying a communal meal or a peaceful bite in the landscape of your garden is a wonderful experience, which is why many residents choose to create a dining area in their garden. During the summer, especially in locations that receive full sunshine, an outdoor table and chairs can very easily become a primary setting for meals, with the warmth and bloom of summer being too alluring to resist. Just be sure to consider a source of share for when the sun gets too much!

Water Features

Water features have an amazing presence within a garden, offering a serene backdrop to the outdoor landscape and an aesthetic of zen respite. They can also play an important role for animals and birds too, especially during the height of the summer sun, when even a small source of water, such as a birdbath, can make all the difference.

Summer Houses

There are few better ways to spend days in a garden than inside a space specifically designed for the sunshine, which is why summer houses remain popular across the UK. These outbuildings can be designed to suit various spaces, as well as interests, such as reading or yoga, and offer a cool and shaded place to relax or entertain during the summer months. They can also be great settings for spending the cooler evenings too, offering a warm place when the sun goes down.

Vegetable Gardens

Having one’s own source of food growing at home is a rewarding pursuit, not only bringing flavour and nutrition to a kitchen but also making great use of garden space. For those who have such a landscape established in their garden, and who planted during the winter and spring, the summer can be a bountiful time for harvesting, giving residents an array of ingredients to enjoy. There are also a number of fruits and vegetables that can be planted during the summer too, helping to keep gardeners busy and outdoors when the weather is pleasant.

Garden Fireplaces

Whether you want a covered fireplace for long summer evenings or a pizza oven for cooking delicious meals with friends and family, having a garden fireplace or oven can be incredibly rewarding. Modern designs for many types of outdoor fireplaces and ovens have also come a long way, making them both more heat efficient and aesthetically pleasing too.