June 16, 2024

Brazilian Ipe Decking: The No-Coating Required Hardwood

In the world of architecture, decking is one of their projects where they develop a surface capable of supporting weight, which is very similar to a floor. However, it is constructed outdoors and usually elevated from the ground, making it exposed to different weather conditions. Decking is usually connected to a building, either in homes or businesses. So, there is a lot of tendency that the deck is prone to damage.

Decking stains are used, a varnish-like product that coats the deck surface to protect it from different weather conditions to extend the life expectancy of the wood used. But, this is not needed for ipe decking Florida as it has the natural strain or coat called natural oils from the hardwood, making it the natural protection of the wood. It may not call it right as a deck stain because it has never been a coating for a deck, but some call it as it is. The natural oil of ipe wood helps it withstand any weather condition, and it not only looks beautiful but also protects the beautiful natural patterns of the wood.

Is ipe hardwood perfect for decking?

Since Ipe hardwood is native to the forests of South America, you can’t find it accessible to many countries, except if they intentionally culture it. Since there are a lot of growing wood products in the construction industry, there are many options to choose from. You have redwood, cedar, pine, and more. But, with Ipe hardwood, the name itself can prove how reliable this tropical Ipe tree is.

From the term hardwood, it is ideal for decking. Since decking is exposed outdoors, it needs to have hardwood for different reasons:

  • Weather resistant
  • Safe to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Environmental-friendly and more

Yes, you can say that Ipe hardwood is perfect for decking because of the quality it has.

Is Ipe hardwood budget-friendly?

Many say that Ipe hardwood is never budget-friendly because of its expensive price. But, if you will analyze wisely, Ipe wood is very budget-friendly. Come to think of this, decking is exposed to weather conditions. It means that the decking is exposed outdoors which makes it prone to damage.

Decking might rot or lose its beauty because it is exposed outdoors which makes sunlight and water erase the beauty and pattern of the wood. But, since Ipe hardwood has a natural pattern and natural oil in it, it continually catches the attention of anyone passing by as it continually makes your decking look beautiful for decades.