May 21, 2024

What to Know About Faulty Sewer Lines

Your home’s efficiency is determined by a lot of different factors. One of the most important is waste removal. Every time you flush your toilet, waste and water travel through your sewer line into the local sewage. If this task can’t be performed, it can lead to both unsightly and dangerous circumstances.

Whenever your sewer line is giving you problems, you will need to act fast. Most repairs cannot be fixed by an amateur, so be sure to call in a professional for the most reliable help. Whether it be as significant as a replacement or as simple as hydro jetting in Winter Garden, FL, Shamrock Plumbing will come to your rescue.

What Causes Them?

Both human error and the environment can lead to your sewer line becoming a problem:


Most commonly, heavy clogs are the culprit. Toilets are designed to flush down waste, water, and toilet paper. Their drains are often about two or three inches in diameter, so anything more significant can be difficult to break down. When backed up enough, your sewer lines can weaken and begin to crack, which leads to leaks. Avoid flushing items like tampons, diapers, or baby wipes.


When trees are growing, their roots feed off of moisture. This can attract them to your water and sewer lines. Roots are so strong that they can break right through the pipes. This will cause an obstruction along with leaks. To prevent this, know where your pipelines are before planting any trees on your property.


Even though sewer lines are built to last for decades, they can become worn prematurely depending on factors like weather changes. When temperatures shift rapidly, pipes can constrict, which will weaken them. Using chemicals down your pipes when cleaning them can also cause them to become compromised.


If you don’t get your sewer lines fixed fast, you can come face-to-face with a few different health and safety hazards.

  • Because sewer lines run underground, leaks can lead to seepage on your property. Your grass and other plants will begin to brown and die.
  • Seepage can also create foul odors to occur.
  • Bacteria from sewage can cause illnesses like Hepatitis A, gastrointestinal disorders, and dysentery.
  • Sewage leaks can lead to your septic tank overflowing. In turn, your basement can become flooded, and you will suffer heavy property damage.

Along with risking your own safety, you can be putting the safety of your neighbors in peril. Some communities even fine those who have sewage issues on their property.

Sewer Line Maintenance

The best course of measure you can take is to care for your sewage units routinely. Your best choice is to put faith in reputable plumbers, as they have the knowledge and tools to handle the job accordingly.

Shamrock Plumbing keeps all of its vehicles fully stocked with an array of sewer line parts so that they can do any tuneup in an instant. When performing annual checkups, they put a camera down your sewer line to see if there are any possible obstructions.

Because trouble can happen at any moment, Shamrock Plumbing is also sure to have a plumber on call at all moments of the day for clients throughout Orlando, Kissimmee, and Winter Garden, FL. To best combat issues like tree roots, they will hydro jet your pipes to keep them cleaner for longer.

If a problem is too big for Trenchless Sewer Lateral Line Repair san francisco ca, Shamrock Plumbing will repipe your lines. They want to save you money, so they are honest about what strategy suits your needs best. Sewage is no fun to deal with, but it is a part of everyday life. Let Shamrock Plumbing keep a close eye on your sewer line to prevent it from stinking up your household.