May 21, 2024
tall wine fridge

What factors should you consider while shopping for a wine refrigerator?

There are a few things you should know about wine cooler refrigerators before you buy one. It’s advisable to get a real wine cellar or a specialised wine cabinet if you’re a collector of fine old vintage wines. Wine cooler refrigerators aren’t actually meant to be used for long-term archival purposes.

What to consider before you buy a tall wine fridge?

Prior to making a final decision, you should give some thought to the matter of money and determine whether or not a costly wine cooler would be overkill for your needs. You’ll also need to take into account the amount of wine or other beverages you drink and the frequency with which you entertain visitors when deciding on the size of the unit.

Another key consideration is if you prefer Prosecco or Champagne, as well as red, white, or rosé wine. As a general rule, red wine should be served at or slightly cooler than room temperature, therefore storing it in a tall wine fridge or similar equipment is not suggested. White wines, champagne, and Prosecco are best served at a lower temperature, therefore any wine cooler will suffice. However Wine coolers that have multiple temperature zones allow you to set one portion at the perfect temperature for red wine and another at a cooler temperature for white or sparkling wine, as was just mentioned in the previous paragraph

If you’re looking for a compact wine cooler, keep in mind that some of the current models may not have enough room for larger bottles of Champagne or Prosecco to be stored on the racks.

If your household consists of only two people who appreciate wine and occasionally host small gatherings, you might choose to invest in a worktop wine cooler with a capacity of up to 14 bottles. A sleek under-counter model is another option if money is no object.

As a budding sommelier, you’ll want a model that’s a little larger and has dual temperature settings in order to keep your wine at the ideal serving temperature for as long as possible. Using these controls, you can temporarily keep your valued collection at temperatures other than those in which it was initially housed.

Full-height wine refrigerators

Whether you’re hosting a party or storing wine for years to come, there’s plenty of room in these coolers for both purposes. There is a wide variety of capacity, from 130 to 220 bottles, so there is plenty of room.

With telescopic rails and adjustable shelving, you can pick from a single, dual, or three-temperature option for each unit. The door of a large wine cooler is usually lockable, and some models even provide a selection of lighting options.

No limit to the amount of bottles a large capacity wine cooler can hold

If you go with a large capacity wine cooler, you’ll have plenty of area to work with because these coolers typically accommodate between 130 and 200 Bordeaux bottles.

To minimise disappointment, it’s best to double-check with the manufacturer ahead of time to verify which bottles will fit on the shelf. There are a few units that can handle champagne bottles, but the shelves in the majority of the units are meant to carry Bordeaux bottles.

Wine storage in a vertical wine cooler

The manufacturer’s directions should be followed while installing a tall wine cabinet. In most cases, these cabinets will have a vent on the front, which shows that the wine cooler is supported by a series of fans that circulate air underneath the appliance. The compressor will be able to cool down adequately as a result of this.

When you use this method, you may build your kitchen cabinets as close to 2.5 millimetres as possible, so that the doors open smoothly without catching on the side panels.