May 27, 2024

Ways to Stay Cool in Your Home

Summers can prove to be very sporadic when it comes to temperature. Two 90-degree days do not always feel the same, as one could prove to be more humid than the other. When these types of days happen, we want to find the best ways to keep our home from becoming uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are endless ways to keep cool in the heat.

As you read the following ideas, keep in mind that HVAC technicians can readily assist you with aid in some of these. One example is the company Rooter MD Plumbing & Heating, which can give you an AC repair in Canton, MI.


One of the cheapest options on the market is a fan. These typically lightweight appliances provide circulation throughout the room. The best types of fans to stay cool are oscillating ones, as they automatically turn, keeping hot air from settling in one particular area.

Air Conditioning

For cooler air in a shorter amount of time, an air conditioner is a surefire solution for trying to cool down larger spaces. Along with cooling your home, air conditioners can control air quality and help fight against congestion brought on by dust, pollen, and other allergens. Make sure you clean the filters at least once a month inside your AC to make sure it works properly and to deter it from overheating itself.

Darken Your Home

Even though we all want nice and fresh sunshine, the brightness of the sun’s rays can make it feel even hotter inside. A good tip to keep in mind is shutting curtains during very hot weather, as it will provide you with extra shading. Darker colors or blackout curtains can be especially helpful. The best time to let the sun shine through is early in the day before the temperature rises too drastically.

Fresh Bedding

The type of material you use for your bedding can also affect the way your home heat. It can be uncomfortable to try and sleep in a hot room. Once summer hits, it is encouraged that you begin to use lighter bedding materials such as linens and cotton. Along with this, choose lighter colors. Because they reflect more light, lighter hues are cooler than their darker counterparts.


Even if you are in your home, you can still dehydrate if you are overheated. Symptoms of dehydration include headaches, dizziness, and shakiness. Always keep water on hand, even if you’re not thirsty because it helps your body maintain a steady temperature. If that doesn’t work, try a nice, cool shower or bath or a damp cloth.

Preparing for the Heat

Before the hot temperatures do hit, you can always get your home ready for when it does happen. One such way is to get your air conditioner inspected. A technician will come in and give your unit a lot to ensure that it is in its proper condition, replacing or cleaning parts of it as needed. Residents in Livonia, Canton, and Westland, MI, trust Rooter MD Plumbing & Heating for any AC repair or installation. Keeping cool in the summer is crucial to staying comfortable. Make sure you feel ready for the high temperatures by using these tips in your own home.