June 23, 2024

Various Types of Drain Clogs

Not all blocked rains are the same. Just because water won’t drain does not mean you should give up and consider replacing your bathroom or kitchen piping entirely. Some drain blocks can be repaired at home, while others require the assistance of a professional, such as Honest Abe’s Home Services. Their emergency plumbing in Eldon, MO, ensures that the issue is resolved quickly.

However, you may be wondering what could be clogging your drain. Some of the most common problems are as follows.

Food Waste

A food clog is the most common type of kitchen sink blockage. If you don’t have a dishwasher or use your garbage disposal frequently, food debris can accumulate in the drain and prevent water from passing through. This is not only counterproductive to allowing water to drain, but it may also cause bacteria to build up, resulting in odors and even mold. This is not only disgusting, but it can also be harmful to one’s health.

Aside from the generally unpleasant odor that comes from your drain, leaving a food blockage in your drain can cause bacteria buildup, which can lead to harmful mold that could endanger your and your family’s health. It is easier to prevent this buildup by cleaning your garbage disposal on a regular basis. While store-bought drain cleaners such as Drano can help in some cases, if the buildup is dense enough, the simplest and least stressful way to fix a clogged drain is to call Honest Abe’s Home Services/

Wads of Hair

Aside from your kitchen sink, your shower is the most likely location for a blockage due to the volume of things going down the drain. When that builds up and becomes clogged, it can cause problems for the entire family. Although this is by far the most common type of blocked drain, it is also the most inconvenient (and sometimes the most disgusting) to deal with.

A buildup of hair and shampoo, as well as soap scum, can result in a sticky and greasy mess that often resembles a monster from a horror film. The tried and true drain snake—a piece of plastic with barbs meant to snag onto the hair and pull the clog back up through the drain—is the simplest way to get through these yourself.

Unfortunately, if the blockage is too large or too deep, the only effective way to get your shower dry again is to call Honest Abe’s Home Services. Regardless of how difficult shower blockages can be,

Rely on a Plumber

Honest Abe’s Home Services has the knowledge to bust through any blockage and get your drains spick and span in no time. Residents in Osage Beach, Eldon, and Camdenton, MO, know they can rely on them for friendly service and straightforward pricing.

Clogged drains in your home can be inconvenient. Whether you choose to fix it yourself or hire Honest Abe’s Home Services, getting your pipes clear again should be a top priority to avoid odors, mold, and future pipe and plumbing issues.