April 23, 2024

Useful Tips to Cook Rice Easily

Who said rice was simple to prepare? If you’re using the conventional way of cooking rice in a vessel, you’re aware that you’ll need to stand in the kitchen and keep an eye on it until it’s finished. And if you have a pressure cooker, you must use enough water to achieve perfect fluffy steamed rice. What if we told you there’s a device that’s more practical than a pressure cooker? They’re rice cookers that run on electricity. Electric rice cookers are popular because they make the rice cooking easy. Electric rice cookers come with a slew of features and are extremely effective. They’re just as important as washing machines, refrigerators, and everything else. However, there are a few things to consider when you are thinking how to choose an electric pressure cooker.

Dimensions and capacity

Rice cookers are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. These cookers, unlike most kitchen appliances, take up little more room than a big vessel. A rice cooker’s capability is determined by the total amount of rice cups it can prepare. Electric rice cookers come in sizes ranging from 1 to 6 litres, with some much larger. The size of your family should be the first consideration when purchasing an electric cooker. Try purchasing a 3 to 5 litre size cooker if you have a small family of 5 to 6 individuals. Think how many cups of rice you usually need.

Simple to use

The majority of electric cookers have a one-touch operation. This ensures you just need to add rice and enough water to cover the rice, and the cooker can take care of the rest. Electric cookers with digital controls and functions are more sophisticated. Self-timer/delay start, automatic keep warm, slow cooking, steaming, and other features are available. In an electric rice cooker, a self-timer or delay start mode is suitable. It programmatically starts the rice cooker at a predetermined time and also displays the remaining time before the rice is ready to eat. These features allow you to automate tasks, ensuring that your rice will be ready when it’s time to eat.

Lids of various types

Some rice cookers have a see-through lid, and others have a stainless steel lid that fits snugly.

A see-through lid is useful because it allows you to keep an eye on the rice while it cooks.

Effortless-to-clean designs

Make sure the cooking bowl and lid are dishwashers safe for quick cleanup. With a sponge scrub and spray, you can quickly remove and clean the cooking bowl and seal it. In the long term, using a cooker with stainless steel, aluminium, or non-stick coated cooking bowl is still a good idea.

Rice cookers that can be used for a variety of purposes

If you have a big family, a multi-purpose rice cooker is also a good option. It’s convenient to provide a single gadget that can do several functions. Rice cookers will also steam fruits, beef, and fish in addition to rice. Soups and pulses may also be heated or simmered in certain other cooker versions.

Accessories that aren’t included in the pack

The most advanced electric rice cookers have a range of extras. A steaming insert plate, measuring cups, steam tray, serving spatula, and spoons can all be included in the pack, depending on the cooker model you use.

After-sale operation and warranty

Check the warranty given by the brand when purchasing a rice cooker. The majority of labels have a two-year warranty. Chat with a store associate or visit the brand’s official website for more information. The rice cooker, like every other gadget in your house, is an important kitchen appliance that you’ll use for a long time. The importance of after-sales service cannot be overstated. You now know the answer to how to choose an electric pressure cooker.