May 27, 2024

Top 5 Home Renovation (BTO & Resale) Ideas Singapore in 2024

Renovating your home can express the decisions you would have to make as an individual. Many needed repairs should be done, realising that your home will not improve automatically at the expense of the circle of events. With some improvements being more popular among buyers than others, it is nevertheless important to address your preferences in your HDB renovation in Singapore.

Do-It-Yourself With Paint

Another great, affordable, and quick way to give your home a fresh look is by changing or repainting its interiors. Moody tints and tones provide places with an “open” spacious feel. If you plan to shop for furniture, get similar tones and materials, such as wood, to maintain the feel throughout the whole space. But don’t overdo it with flashy colours since it may ruin the effect you are trying to achieve. Instead, you can use throw pillows, accent rugs, pictures, and paintings to draw the eye and make your space more attractive.

If you do not like neutral paints, use loud and bright colours that catch and emphasise the space. For small rooms, a better option is to paint the ceiling the same as the walls, making the room look larger. Stylish patterns and colourful accents may be an original expression for you to redecorate, not at a high cost to your pocket. If you desire to opt for something bold in terms of colour paint, then the furnishings should be neutral and repose the emphasis.

Single Focus

One of the simpler HDB BTO renovation ideas anyone can afford is focusing on only one room or area. Such a library can work as a built harvest for one of the walls, a large patio or deck place, an outdoor fireplace/kitchen/bar, or a glass and mirrors effect. The end has just begun here, and no matter what you decide to go for, your only outstanding feature is the best way to keep your living space to your heart, and even the visitors won’t miss it.

If you’ve got a larger budget, make space for tall, all-glass windows that extend from your floor to your ceiling. Create an attractive outdoor tile mosaic or have it inside your entryway for a compliment. A highlight of finding the right designer for custom work would be to head in a bind toward different colours to make the focus move back to your favourites. Here comes the felt warmth of the fireplace tailored to your wish, and do not hesitate to plunge into it!

Maximising Space and Style

Buy the latest and functional furniture to create neat and spacious areas. Many companies create tables and chair sets that can easily move together and save space, as the chairs slide flush under the table. Sliding doors over the closet can help keep things private, and swing doors avoid overcrowded spaces. Shelves are very important furniture elements for corners, and they can be used for storing books and objects you like or other things you do not have anywhere to place.

The most loved renovation is often when people skip renovating their whole building and go for redecorating instead. Trend the whiteness of your house by having the same treatment of white flooring and walls with warm, light-coloured wood furnishings. Across black factory lace pillows, frames, and light fixtures become the finishing touches for this setting without your home looking like a hospital ward. If plain white walls, vintage furniture, and a few décor pieces are aligned on an axis, your attention instantly goes to how plain, retro, or vintage it is and your most cherished items.

Simplify Your Singapore Home

It is not new, but in recent years, simple living has become the forefront of people’s attention, and many people opt to shrink their lives and lessen their possessions. How about trying a few warm-coloured decorations that create a welcoming environment, not a room filled with random stuff and pictures on the walls? Spread the paint on the walls and buy a couple of decorative throw pillows to create a cosy environment. One of the most amazing things about decorating your home with plants is that plant owners are more relaxed than those without them.

Have your paintings and photos scanned to upload them into a single digital picture frame and donate the old ones. There is no need to discard your paper books, please. Attempt using a curtain to conceal your bookcase from view and give a room some texture at the same time. The space under the sofa or bed can be utilised as smart storage, keeping things organised without throwing them away.

Urban Industrial Transformation

Love the industrial look? Take out the rugs and appropriate some on-trend concrete flooring. Turn the wall that you want to be the room’s highlight into brick. To capture this space design further, the chase lights establish this theme. Give a soft touch to your space and blend in some vintage knick-knacks and paddings that maybe you have collected over a long period. Check out the famous antique and thrift shops that help style your new wardrobe, which you will still love a few years from now!

And you may take your home beyond that; it can have a theme. Think of a cottage by the sea — lots of marine-themed designs and pieces made from shells found on the beach and driftwood, while the best colours to be used are the waves. It is your place to be, and if vertebra walls with animal prints and 1920s Hollywood films are always your thing, do it because it is your life, home, and space. From a bold theme such as animal prints, instead, you could choose an accent one by having an animal print wallpaper and a neutral colour while the rest of the room is neutral. You will see a lot of funny pictures but not much text!

Renovate Your Home Today

Renovating your home is a major task. Interior designers can easily do this home upgrade, making this job even more blissful! For instance, Swiss Interior has long-term experience in the business and has successfully carried out projects. No matter your budget number, we are confident of a result that will make you pleased. Whether you require renovation support, design consultation, or the complete remodelling of your house, Swiss Interior is the company that can do it.