May 27, 2024

Things To Consider When Selecting The Right Swimming Pool Contractor

Construction or fiberglass pool installation lexington ky within a property is a hefty investment. As such, you want to make sure that everything goes according to plan and is done to your utmost satisfaction. A well-constructed swimming pool will last long; will function properly (thus ensuring that you enjoy the luxury of your swimming pool without having to worry about unexpected hassles, etc.); and finally, will keep the repair requirements to a minimum over the years post the construction of the pool.

This is why it is important that you select your pool builder with care – we recommend this best pool builder in Lakeway TX. Now, this is easier said than done, especially in the face of the plethora of choices you’ll normally encounter. There are pool builders of all ilks and types, which means you need to do some good amount of initial research and settle on a pool builder or construction service that matches your budget, your core requirements as well as any other preferences you may have.

Selecting Your Pool Design

However, before you start looking for your ideal pool builder, the first thing you’ll need to do is to make up your mind regarding what kind of pool you want to install in your property. The traditional outdoor/indoor in-ground pool is by large the most popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. That said, above-ground pools are rapidly gaining ground as well, thanks primarily to their easy installation and disassembling properties and also because they are a significantly less expensive option compared to traditional swimming pools.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve the upscale designs such as infinity edge pools or indoor pools with movable floors, etc. So, before you start looking for your pool builder, make sure what kind of pool you want installed in your property. This is important since not all pool builders are able to handle every kind of pool building project that exists.

Selecting Your Pool Builder

Once you are clear about the kind of pool you want (this includes the design of the pool as well as construction material such as natural glass or stone, stainless steel, tiled finish, or pre-engineered vinyl or fiberglass pools), now it’s time to devote some time on research. Ask your neighbors, colleagues, or relatives for references; look up the relevant internet forums and websites for additional recommendations and insights; you may also use some online business locator tools to find pool building services located closer your home.

All this primary research will help you narrow down your choices (you’ll know what contractors you can possibly rely on as well as those that you should avoid at all costs!) and once you’ve done that, explain your requirements to your potential pool builders and request quotes.

In addition, you must also ask for a list of references; check if the pool builder is a member of the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals); whether it enjoys a favorable rating at BBB; and finally, if it complies with your state’s regulations vis-à-vis swimming pool construction (properly certified, bonded, etc.).

We also strongly recommend that you visit the pool builder’s office in person and take a note of the general atmosphere there. And if it so happens that the builder isn’t situated at a brick-and-mortar office place at all, consider that as a huge red flag. Finally, also make sure to ask if the builder provides any maintenance & repair services. The last is not a make or break criterion. However, if the builder of your choice does offer these services as part of a comprehensive package, that is good news since this may help you save some pretty dollars down the road.