June 23, 2024

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Repair

There is an electrical panel in every house. It is a crucial component of your home, much like your plumbing; without it, your house would not work. The purpose of the electrical panel is to carefully direct all the electricity entering your home to the numerous electrically-connected appliances, such as your dryer, washer, lighting, and HVAC.

If your electrical panel isn’t in good working order, you run the risk of not only having appliances break down but also, perhaps, causing a fire. But what necessitates the need for an electrical panel repair in Lower Merion, PA?

Common Reason You May Need an Electrical Panel Repair

Electrical panels are an important and necessary component of any home or business. They provide a safe and reliable way to distribute electricity throughout a property. However, electrical panels can also be a source of problems. Over time, the panel may become damaged or worn, making it less efficient and more prone to electrical problems. In some cases, the panel may need to be replaced entirely. Some of the most common reasons for electrical panel repair include:

  • Damaged breaker: A breaker is a component of an electrical panel that helps to regulate the flow of electricity. If a breaker is damaged, it can cause problems with the flow of electricity, leading to electrical panel repair.
  • Worn circuitry: Over time, the circuitry in an electrical panel can become worn, making it less able to handle the flow of electricity. This can lead to electrical problems and potential hazards.
  • Loose connections in an electrical panel can cause sparks and fires. In addition, loose connections can also cause power outages.

Watch for Flickering Lights

If you’ve ever had a flickering lightbulb, you may have assumed the lightbulb itself was failing. If you changed the bulb and it still happens, the problem is not with the lightbulb but with the electrical panel.

When the panel wears out or the wires become broken, they can no longer conduct electricity as well as they once did. You have ebbing lights because energy is not flowing regularly to your appliances.

Did Someone Say They Smell Burning?

If your electric panel ever emits a burning odor, this is a major indication that it needs to be checked and possibly replaced. Shorted wires are often to blame for burning odors from your appliance. In addition to making your lights and appliances stop operating correctly, shorted-out wires are a serious safety threat.

Wires that become self-burning due to a short might quickly cause a fire inside the walls of your house. It can be too late to prevent serious damage to your home once a fire is inside your walls.

Call electricians canberra to inspect your unit immediately if you detect any burning smells and immediately turn off the electrical panel. Wires that have been short-circuited must always be replaced before the electricity can be turned back on.

If you suspect your electrical panel may need repair, it is essential to call a qualified electrician as soon as possible. Attempting to repair an electrical panel on your own can be dangerous and worsen the problem. A qualified electrician can assess the situation and make the necessary repairs safely and effectively.