February 26, 2024

Recommended colour combinations for your living room

Do you need to update the look of your living room? A new colour scheme and space saving furniture bed can be exactly what the room requires to instantly change. Although it’s true that neutral colour schemes provide you with a blank canvas, there are several benefits to adding a pop of color. Your choice of colour and soft furnishings can significantly reflect your personality. Different colours can have a calming or energizing effect.

Changing the tonal palette is one of the easiest living room ideas to entirely transform the area, whether you’re wanting to add colour to the wall colour combination for a dramatic style overhaul or add accent colours through accessories. Consider changing your colour scheme after being inspired by our living room colour scheme.

Color has a significant impact on how we feel about the world around us, nowhere more so than in our own homes. A fresh colour scheme might be the quick fix to breathe new life into a drab living space. Let our colour schemes serve as inspiration for your decorating endeavors.

  • Use neutral colours to create a tranquil haven.

Who said that colour had to be striking to be lovely? Use a neutral colour scheme to emulate the Scandinavian style. Neutral colours now play a cosier role in our homes, moving away from the cooler neutrals of gray. A seamless blending of white, beige, and stone tones produces a harmonious design with a classic look and gives our room a space saving furniture bed look.

  • Combine various pink hues to enhance warmth.

To avoid the design looking too sickly and sweet, mixing tones is crucial when it comes to making the most of pink living room ideas. Pink is available in a wide range of beautiful temperatures and tones to create timeless décor for adults that benefits from chic additions of earthy neutrals like mink and creamy biscuit tones.

  • Add grounded hues from an earthy colour scheme.

This inviting neutral offers a grounding and calming influence. To support the motif, stick with other earth tones like brown and green. This neutral color’s appeal lies in its understated elegance, which blends beautifully with a wide variety of other colour schemes and provides a space saving furniture bed design.

  • Match pink and blue flawlessly.

By combining it with a deep hue of blue, you may give the pink living room concept a fresh look. To keep the colour scheme looking sophisticated—rather than shocking and sickly—pick pink hues that are more on the chalky end of the colour spectrum, such as dusky pink and millennial pink.

  • In a living room, combine oceanic blues and floral greens.

To create a relaxing palette that recalls the hues of a seaside setting, combine the marine-inspired colours of green and blue. Layering various floral and flora patterns on fabrics and ceramics will give a neutral area more personality. To avoid the look becoming fussy, maintain the walls, floor, and sofa in solid colors. Use smaller trellis patterns with larger flower prints on pillows and curtains to experiment with scale and a space saving furniture bed. This eye-catching design is further enhanced with large lamps and striking ceramics. A creative leaf arrangement arranged in intriguing vases completes the effect.