May 27, 2024

King Land & Water: Premier Texas Ranch Sellers

During the last 15 years, King Land & Water has closed over 1 million acres and $1 Billion in sales. Ranchland has become one of our largest asset-class investments in Texas and at King Land & Water. 

Whether agriculture, wildlife, conservation, or ranch land investment, we can help you find the perfect Texas ranches for sale to satisfy your real estate needs.

Finding the Perfect Ranch

King Land & Water helps negotiate and close any transaction. Our team at King Land & Water brings unique skills and experience to the market. Our network of investors, buyers, and landowners have skills ranging from land planning, natural resources, negotiations, and transactions. 

King Land & Water takes your dream ranch idea and finds that special property. We put your needs and desires at the forefront of our service. At King Land & Water, we pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation representing clients. 

We provide support and assistance throughout the buying process to ensure you get the Texas ranch you have always dreamed of. The relationship between us and the buyer does not stop after the buyer possesses the property. King Land & Water will assist with advice and contacts longer after the buying process has ended.

Why King Land & Water

A top concern for buyers is finding a reputable, qualified, and trustworthy agent to help fulfill their real estate needs in their absence; led by James King, who has decades of experience and is connected to many other outstanding agents, we guarantee to meet your needs.

King Land & Water works with governmental organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, and consultants to serve you in the most capable and efficient way possible.

Our marketing endeavors over the last decade have connected us with a vast network of buyers, sellers, appraisers, title companies, photographers, lenders, and many other real estate professionals. Our goal is to achieve the best prices and properties in the market. 

Since 2007, King Land & Water have proudly closed over 170 transactions with more than 520,000 acres leading us to our recent feature in Land Of Texas Magazine.

Our Ranch Selling Team

Led by decades of experience from Agent James King and Broker Tammy King, our team has cultivated great relationships all over Texas. Office Manager Nakia Hambright provides our valued clients and staff members with the best marketing, technical solutions, and general support. Harrison King manages our new and growing office in Austin, which has helped our network grow among buyers and sellers.

Since 2007, our team at King Land & Water has proudly closed over 170 transactions with more than 520,000 acres leading us to be recently featured in Land Of Texas Magazine and numerous awards.

Texas Ranches for Sale

Through decades of experience, our King Land & Water team has proudly served many buyers in search of their dream Texas ranch. King Land & Water is happily growing its network of buyers and sellers. If you are ready to be a motivated buyer, fill out our quick contact form to find your dream ranch.