May 27, 2024

How To Prevent Accident In Construction Site

Construction site accidents are incredibly common, with about 150,000 injuries being recorded each year. Construction sites are littered with all kinds of hazards that can easily cause injuries and even fatalities. Fortunately, these accidents can be avoided if proper measures are taken.

Whether you are a construction worker, property owner, manager, site foreman, or anyone involved in the construction process, it is important to understand how to prevent injuries and what to do when they occur.

Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the 4 most common causes of accidents on construction sites are; falls, electrocution, being struck by an object, and getting caught in or between machinery.

How to Prevent Accident in Construction Site

Provide Employees with Safety Training

Providing all employees with safety training goes a long way toward preventing accidents at construction sites. Make sure the employees have a written safety policy that provides clear instructions on safety procedures, operating machinery and equipment, emergency protocols, awareness of potential hazards, and the best way to handle them. In addition to this, all employees should be trained on how to properly handle equipment and chemicals around the site.

Daily Safety Meetings

As construction work progresses, the hazards keep changing. Regularly briefing employees on these changing regulations ensure they keep safety as their prime focus throughout the day.

Reduce Night Time Work

There is a great potential for accidents when construction takes place at night. This can be due to fatigue or reduced visibility. To avoid this, minimize workload at night or limit it to areas with low risk.

Wear Appropriate Safety Gear

A standard practice in construction sites is wearing safety goggles and hard hats. However, various tasks may require additional safety equipment such as harnesses and other protective gear and clothing. All employees should be trained on the proper use of safety equipment and gear. A site manager should also regularly check to ensure all employees are using the gear and equipment properly.

Give Employees Regular Breaks

Employees may experience fatigue if they work too long without a break, and this increases the potential of accidents. Regular breaks allow employees to re-energize by eating snacks, drinking fluids, and resting. This, in return, improves focus and reduces the number of mistakes associated with fatigue.

Use Clear Signage for Danger Around the Construction Site

Signs with words such as “Danger” may seem simple, but they play a huge role in improving safety on construction sites. These signs are especially important around high voltage areas and wires that employees need to stay away from.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Construction workers should avoid energy drinks and carbonated sodas to avoid fatigue and drowsiness during work. These drinks should be replaced with citrus drinks, water, and electrolyte replacements which help keep the worker hydrated while increasing awareness. When the weather gets warm, construction workers are advised to eat light meals such as sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and salads. High-fat and heavy carb foods should be avoided as they may cause drowsiness after meals.

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