June 23, 2024
d Kitchen Cabinets In Your Modern Kitchen

How to Design With Distressed Kitchen Cabinets In Your Modern Kitchen

Any homeowner aspiring to create a modern kitchen space has several options. The primary target to achieve modernity is to change the cabinets. As a modern homeowner, you need to think outside the box and install something creative like distressed kitchen cabinetsThis offers you a sense of uniqueness in the kitchen space.

But that’s not all, you can use other creative ways to make your kitchen modern.

Tips to enhance your kitchen space

Buy new kitchen cabinets 

One of the best ways is to buy new kitchen cabinets. A kitchen is mostly defined by the appearance of the kitchen cabinets. Pick appropriate cabinetry that works well in a modern homestead.

Go minimalistic 

The old theory of a fully stocked kitchen space is long gone. Modern homeowners prefer a minimal look in the kitchen space. Even if you are to invest in distressed kitchen cabinets, you still can decide to make them align with the minimalistic ideas in your kitchen space. For example, you can declutter the cabinetry area to keep the area clean and neat.

More lighting 

The importance of lighting in a kitchen space cannot be emphasized enough. It is a crucial element that needs to be planned for when remodeling a kitchen space. There are two sources of light i.e. natural light and light fixtures. Modern homes work best when there is a sufficient flow of natural light inside the kitchen space. However, if you do not have enough money to change the size of your windows, you can invest in artificial light fixtures.

The best ones are the under-cabinetry lights that are placed under distressed kitchen cabinets. Consider the color of your kitchen cabinets and other elements when selecting the light fixtures you will add to your kitchen space.

Add a seating area 

Modern kitchen spaces are a place for relaxation. This is why adding a warm seating area can be a great idea to enhance the modernity of your kitchen space. Of course, you will need a bit of extra floor planning to accommodate the new seating area. It shouldn’t be just an old-fashioned kitchen island installed but a well-thought seating area that reflects the aesthetics and function of the kitchen space.

For a kitchen with distressed kitchen cabinets, installing a bright seating area can be a perfect thought.

Final thoughts

These are great ideas that you can implement when remodeling your kitchen space.