May 21, 2024

How to Design a Kitchen with Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are the perfect option for any dream kitchen design. Their bold and elegant look makes them ideal for all kitchens, from rustic, transitional, to contemporary kitchens.

Read this article to learn how you can beautify your kitchen with black shaker kitchen cabinets.

Is Black Good for Shaker Kitchen Cabinetry?

The simplicity of shaker cabinetry can perfectly stand out when paired with a bold and elegant shade. Black not only looks cool but is perfect for providing color contrast. With black shaker cabinets, you can easily incorporate colors to create a dramatic look inside your cooking hall.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern-styled kitchen designs, you can use black-painted shaker cabinetry to get your dream kitchen outlook if you know the colors that go well with their black shade.

How to Design a Kitchen with Black Shaker Cabinets

Below are the tips that will help you give your kitchen a masterpiece design outlook with black shaker cabinetry.

  1. Make it Simple

Shaker cabinets have been popular for years mostly because of their simplicity. They mostly come in natural wood material and natural finishes as well as with fewer ornaments. To make them a design element in your kitchen, you should make your kitchen decorative elements, like the coloring on the wall and backsplashes, simple.

  1. Incorporate Brighter Colors

Although black shaker kitchen cabinets have a bold look, they can easily make a kitchen look dark and gloomy. To avoid this, you should mix their dark shade with a bright pigment like white. A kitchen with black cabinetry can only stand out if there is a visible color contrast, which only comes out when you incorporate brighter colors.

Besides white, black can go well with green, blue, and grey. You should pick a color option that aligns with the kitchen design you want.

  1. Install Metallic Materials

Black kitchen cabinets with metallic accessories like handles, knobs, and hinges have a luxurious look that many homeowners are falling for. You can install stainless steel, gold, or brass fixtures and kitchen appliances to project the beauty in your kitchen.

  1. Enhance Artificial Lighting

Because of their dark properties, black cabinets require sufficient lighting, unless when in an interior that is meant to be dark. You can go for pendant lights or install under-cabinet light fixtures in your cabinetry to make your kitchen interior look lively and cosy.

Final Thoughts

Black shaker kitchen cabinets are an ideal option for any dream kitchen outlook. Besides their beauty and versatility, they are simple and so, compatible with all kitchen designs, from rustic to contemporary designs.