June 24, 2024

How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Living Space

Selecting the perfect wallpaper for your living space can transform an ordinary room into a stunning showcase of your personal style. However, with so many designs, textures, and materials available, deciding on the right one can seem daunting. This guide will walk you through the essential considerations to make the perfect choice for your home.

Understand Your Space

The first step in choosing the right wallpaper is to thoroughly understand the space you want to decorate. Consider the size of the room, the amount of natural light it receives, and its primary function. For example, a light and airy floral pattern might enhance a small, dark bedroom, making it feel brighter and more spacious, whereas a larger living room could handle a more dramatic, darker print without feeling closed in.

Decide on the Mood

Think about the mood or atmosphere you want to create in the room. Do you want a calm and relaxing bedroom or an energising and vibrant living room? Soft pastels and smooth patterns lend a tranquil feel, suitable for bedrooms, while bold colours and dynamic patterns can inject energy into a living area or kitchen.

Colour Considerations

The colour of your wallpaper can significantly affect the look and feel of your room. Light colours make a room feel larger and more open, while darker colours can offer depth and warmth. It’s crucial to consider existing furniture and decor when choosing your wallpaper colour to ensure everything coordinates well.

Pattern Size and Style

The size of the wallpaper pattern should complement the size of the room. Small patterns work well in compact rooms and can make the space feel larger, while large, bold patterns are best suited to more extensive spaces or a feature wall. Consider traditional styles for a classic look, or go for something modern and abstract to create a contemporary vibe.

Durability and Maintenance

Wallpapers vary in their material and finish, impacting their durability and ease of maintenance. Vinyl wallpapers are particularly durable and washable, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. On the other hand, delicate materials such as silk or textured wallpaper might be better suited to less busy areas like the bedroom or dining room.

Sampling is Key

Before making your final decision, it’s always wise to order samples of your chosen wallpapers. Viewing them in the room you plan to decorate will help you see how the colours and patterns look under different lighting conditions and throughout the day.


Consider whether you’re up for the challenge of installing the wallpaper yourself or if you’d prefer to hire a professional. Remember, the perfect alignment and smooth finish can significantly enhance the overall effect and longevity of your wallpaper.

Choosing the right wallpaper is an exciting part of decorating your home that reflects your personality and style. By considering these points, you can ensure that your chosen design will delight and satisfy for years to come.