May 27, 2024

Home Staging: Your Ultimate Property Styling Ideas

The housing industry had sunk due to the economic problems that the world had been through in the past few years. However, things have been getting back to normal from the real estate industry is concerned. How can home sellers ensure that they can still get top dollar for the residential property they are selling?

How can a homebuyer get the best value for the saved bucks; this is where home staging melbourne comes in. There are a lot of reasons why home staging is needed when selling or buying a home. Also, you may enumerate top tips on how to stage a home so that the home-selling or home-buying goals will be met.

Top benefits of home staging

Real estate staging or home staging is one of the most prominent trends in real estate for more than the past few years. Home sellers and real estate professionals nationally and internationally have established the strategy with very profitable and outstanding results. The market has shifted, more essential that staging be used as a marketing strategy for a property. Unluckily, many homeowners and real estate professionals struggle to sell their properties fastly and many think that it is the best way to survive is to cut down their staging budgets.

Well, the opposite is true and if you are selling a property quickly, then you need home staging. Never hesitate to incorporate home staging into the marketing plan, here are the top benefits of home staging:

  1. Financial. Staged homes are sold faster. Staged and priced competitively sell the property at a minimum of 50% more than a non-staged property. A survey conducted last 2007 resulted in 94% of staged homes being sold a maximum of one month or less than those non-staged homes. Another benefit of this is the savings on holding expenses associated with the maintenance while on the market:
    1. Mortgage payments
    2. homeowners insurance
    3. utility bills

Staging increases the perceived value when done right.

  1. Emotional. Did you know that 95% of buyers are emotional? So you need to make it a kind of “love at first sight” residential property. Homebuyers have a shopping process to follow that is listed on criteria (bedroom, car garage, bathroom, and the lot area). But, what pulls them to buy is the emotional experience when entering the house.
  2. Visual. Buyers usually search online for a property, so it is important to have good photos that capture their attention. You may hand down the photos of staged properties, which are more appealing than the images of non-staged properties.

If you think that home staging is an additional expense that can cost you a lot, well you are very wrong. Home staging can help increase the price of the property by 50%. Sounds profitable, right?