April 15, 2024

Hired Solar Site Lighting For Big Outdoor Events

As commercial electricity costs continue to rise, as they do for domestic properties too, some industries that would previously have not put a second thought into how to provide lighting for specific purposes, will suddenly need to look at things a little differently. Outdoor event planning is one of these industries, with the requirements of big outdoor lighting rigs to provide instructive lighting, as well as for safety features, and to allow for a show or performance to go on into the night. If electricity costs are so high, can you implement the use of solar site lighting to help take the weight?

The benefits of solar site lighting

Solar-powered site lighting brings with it a range of benefits that are helpful to any business, especially those that put on outdoor events of any kind. Utilising renewable energy is an attractive proposition for any business in the modern age, but it could make even more sense to use solar power lighting when you are discussing long, large outdoor events where there is enough time during the day to power lighting that becomes effective as the event moves into the night-time. 

Solar lighting systems help a company to reduce overall costs by utilising renewable energy systems rather than traditional electricity systems. This is obviously one of the biggest factors in making solar lighting an attractive option to any business, especially when you consider the growing cost of mains electricity at this time. Alongside this safety levels are improved, as you can guarantee that all areas of a site can be lit where needed, providing the best experience for all attendees and those working at the outdoor event. Solar site lighting lowers the carbon footprint of the event itself, and helps to reduce instances of power outages, with hybrid solar backup generator hire another desirable option to consider when putting together a plan for a large outdoor event. 

Solar site lights for business

The beauty of solar lighting is that you can customise it for different events and for your business needs. If you need to illuminate some walkways using solar lights, that is perfectly possible, if you need more powerful lighting in the form of floodlights for certain areas of an event, this too is possible. The customisation and lower cost of solar site lighting, plus the reduction in carbon footprint of a site, makes it a much more attractive proposition in the future than traditional lighting options for live events. 

Solar site lighting could transform the way you think about planning a big, live outdoor event. Whether it is a town festival with parades, stalls, and live performances, a large outdoor music festival, or a sporting event, there are many different lighting requirements that you need to consider. Solar site lighting provides the perfect lighting to assist in boosting levels of safety on site, whilst significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the overall event. It is a no-brainer when you think about it. Suppliers of solar site lighting and solar hybrid generators for hire provide the best bet to look at all your options with expert advice on your side.