May 21, 2024

Factors Contributing to Pipe Leaks

Have you ever sat quietly in a room and heard a constant gushing noise emanating from the restroom or kitchen? The constant plopping sound may be annoying, but it might be considerably more dangerous than you realize. There are various causes of these water intrusions, some of which may suggest much more severe problems in your home’s water system.

Rather than allowing the leakage to keep happening, you should act swiftly to avert threats like flooding. For pipe repair, Performance Plumbing is a great choice. Whether you need a little repair or more extensive plumbing services in Ball Ground, GA, they will ensure that the end result surpasses your expectations.

Variations in Temperature

Our health can suffer when the weather quickly swings from one extreme to another, and you can anticipate it to be similar for parts of your home. Your pipes can swell and contract based on the material used if it gets incredibly hot or very cold. In Georgia, the former is more likely to be the culprit. As a result, they may deform and stress the numerous connecting points. It may even thin the material, increasing the likelihood of pipe leakage.

High Water Pressure

The most common cause of pipe leaks is fundamental degradation. Constant changes in water pressure can cause devastation to pipe integrity, causing it to deteriorate and break over time. These cracks can occur in places that are difficult or costly to reach or repair, such as under a concrete slab or pipe frame. You’ll sense this in particular if you haven’t changed your pipes in years. Older, thinner-walled lines are more prone to rupture than contemporary, thicker-walled pipelines.

Rusty and Corroded Lines

Rust develops over time as a result of the degradation of iron and other metals subjected to water and oxygen. When rust builds up on the inside of a pipe, it damages the framework, causing minor fractures that can gradually grow into larger holes. Oxidation is another type of degradation that contributes to pipe leaks. Corrosion impacts any metal that comes into contact with a corrosive material, such as saltwater or acidic soil. Decay frequently appears as pitting on a pipe’s internal surface, compromising its structure and raising the probability of leaks. This is particularly frequent with steel pipes, so consider switching to non-corrosive lines like PVC.

Pipe Repair to Complete on Your Own

Thankfully, not all pipe leaks are permanent. In fact, in some instances, you may be able to strengthen your lines by utilizing your own artistry. If you notice a leak early on, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Directly add a pipe restorative or joint sealant to any chips or holes within your pipes. These materials are intended to harden and form a seal over damaged pipes, preventing water from exiting and sealing small leaks.
  • Another common alternative is to wrap the outside of each pipe with flexible tape or foam insulation to keep water from leaking out between joints and to help avoid freezing and flooding during the winter months.

When your own efforts do not appear to be adequate, you may count on Performance Plumbing to come to your aid. You won’t have to worry about a minor trickle growing into a big deluge since they are always on time.

Their professionals can employ subtle techniques to examine the quality of your pipes without opening them up and causing damage to your property. Infrared detection and video camera inspections are examples of this. Following that, they may readily patch up fractures using inexpensive sealants.

If your pipes have been severely damaged, there are still options available to you other than repiping. In rare cases, they may inject epoxy into your existing line to offer a smooth interior that will keep you free of clogs for a more extended period of time. Whatever work is required, you may be confident that there will be no unexpected service fees.

As winter conditions approach, the probability of a burst pipe increases owing to water freezing inside the pipes. Keep an eye out for all of the significant hazards of a pipe problem so that Performance Plumbing can resolve them quickly. They will promptly keep your home’s water flowing.