May 27, 2024

Children’s Room Decor Inspiration For 2022

Do you want an original decoration effect for the year 2022? If so, wallpaper is a resource that renews spaces with practicality. The diversity of prints and styles, which refer to varied themes, make the coating even more attractive and versatile. Whether minimalist or maximalist, there is certainly a decorated paper that fits your profile!

Below, we’ve separated six children’s rooms ideas in which the wallpaper appears as the main character for you to be inspired by!

  1. Brothers room with a cheerful and colorful decor

In the bedroom of your kids having ages between 4 to 7 years, the choice of wallpaper was essential for the space to have a fun atmosphere. On the right side of the room, there should be a dot polka game And on the other side, we have a double grid, with different geometric shapes, but which also speak to each other”, which seems to be adorable and colorful.

  1. Children’s bedroom with soft tones and ceiling wallpaper

Designed for the newborn daughter of a couple from California, this project uses a gradient coating, in a color that goes beyond the neutral palette. I love to admire kids with the fantasy of colors, and the ceiling covered with starry wallpaper fulfills this function and please them, it is just saying one of my client’s architects, who is responsible for the kid’s decoration. To lighten and add a delicate piece to the bedroom, the professional opted for a chandelier with crystal tips.

  1. Children’s bedroom with yellow Adhesive prints

Yellow is the most color and fantasy color used in childrens wallpapers for freshness like a lemon,  Just think, yellow appears in the pattern with lemons on the coating, which leaves the place relaxed, without weighing it down. Color also appears in the bedding combined with the pale blue bedding and coral tone pendants, creating a retro atmosphere. What did you think? That’s admirable.

  1. Botanical wallpaper in children’s room to admire the greenery

In your kid’s room, the wallpaper by the lovevsdesign best peel and stick wallpaper composes the cozy bedroom and transforms a room that could have been completely white. The delicacy of the botanical flower print extends to everything else: the bamboo bed, the wooden toys, the animal stuffed animals, and the colorful pillows, all matched with each other.

  1. Room with pastel shades and multipurpose bench

This idea is best for your kids when they are at age seven if your kid wants modern and cool decor for her bedroom. For this reason, the walls received geometric painting with pastel tones, in addition to wallpaper with crosshairs and another one that refers to drops of paint and alludes to the girl’s appreciation for the girl’s handicrafts.

  1. Children’s room with wallpaper from another galaxy

In this environment decorated by the interior designer, the wallpaper that refers to the universe makes clear the intention of creating a world of “make-believe” for the child. On the other hand, its edge lines and the interesting gradient of blue and purple tones, create a graphic effect that makes the environment a little more adolescent and not so childish.