May 27, 2024

AC-Related Service Types

Air conditioners are one of the most useful and widely used appliances in Texas. After all, even outside of the summer season, this portion of the nation is always hot. You can bet that many residents will crank them all the way up to gain some respite. However, even a highly powerful unit may acquire a few defects over time, limiting the amount of chilly air you experience.

When this occurs, it is vital to get medical attention as soon as possible so that you do not suffer in agony. North Point Air Conditioning & Heating provides unrivaled air conditioning services in Spring, TX. They can come out on the exact day you contact them to do any following cooling system services to assist you in beating the heat quickly.

Refrigerant Replacement

To keep you cooled down, your air conditioner has to be filled with a coolant known as a refrigerant. While your gadget is operating, this liquid dissipates and changes through the air that is blown out. The refrigerant, most commonly Freon, should last during the system’s lifespan but may run out sooner if there is a leak.

Leaks like this happen as a consequence of regular unit operation or when rust forms on the tubes that hold the refrigerant. If you see any moisture coming from the air conditioner, there is an issue. Since Freon includes CFCs, it should be handled with someone else. North Point Air Conditioning & Heating offers qualified specialists who can change your refrigerant without endangering your health or damaging your air conditioner.

Evaporator Coil Upkeep

An air conditioner not only keeps your home cool, but it may also help to lessen some of the Texas humidity. An evaporator coil, as was previously explained, is responsible for this since it takes heat from the outside in addition to any water as it sends out cold air.

If the air looks thick, regardless of whether your unit is operating at total capacity, the coil is going to be one of the critical factors investigated by your expert. The coolant might have solidified on the coil, stopping cold air from being dispersed, but it could also be due to the leaks mentioned above.

Filter Decontamination

An additional benefit of air conditioning is that it improves indoor air quality. As it blows out the air, it draws in any contaminants in it. These contaminants become trapped in the device’s filtration. Yet, after time, the filters may get too blocked and begin to spit dirt throughout your home, leaving dusty films everywhere.

Since clearing your own filters is a very risk-free task, it is commonly recommended that you do so on a monthly basis. While some filters can be dusted with a little brush or cloth, some may need to be replaced entirely. North Point Air Conditioning & Heating may then utilize one of its advanced devices to do a more thorough cleaning during a yearly maintenance assessment.

Plan Routine Maintenance

To avoid unexpected air conditioner malfunctions or repeated maintenance needs, it is recommended that a professional inspect your unit once a year before you first use it. It might be blocked with particles after sitting around accumulating dust for a few months.

Despite having seen it all in their 40+ years of service, North Point Air Conditioning & Heating takes the time to figure out what each Spring, TX, client needs from them and what would benefit them the best. They are always transparent about their job and will never undertake a task with which you are uncomfortable. However, if they believe that a replacement AC is a better match than a tuneup, they will make sure you realize this.

Another aspect of North Point Air Conditioning & Heating that distinguishes them is their concern for the environment. All of their installations use ENERGY STAR-certified equipment; the workforce is EPA-certified.

There are several methods to get your air conditioner working properly again; you might need some assistance. Call North Point Air Conditioning & Heating to learn why they have stood the test of time for cheap care that can be called in at any time.