April 23, 2024

7 Designer-Approved Patio Decorating Tips

Year in and year out, you have the same problem – how to decorate your patio? Many people face the same dilemma. They struggle to properly decorate their patios regardless of how small or large they are.

So, to give you a hand and to finally help you decorate the patio this year, here are 7 designer-approved patio decoration tips.

1. Create several zones

If you’re counting on a large patio space, the smart thing would be to split it into several different zones. By defining spaces on your patio, you are making it more functional. This way you can have a space for entertainment, a space for relaxing, and a dining/drinking area all in one patio.

The best way to divide the patio space is with rugs, and different lighting, you can also use plants as dividers, planters and curtains, and other similar decorating elements.

2. Add lighting

Incorporating lighting is a very important part of decorating any patio. During the long summer days, the patio becomes our second living space, and to make the most of it even during the night, lighting is crucial.

With the proper lighting, you can create just the perfect ambiance on your patio. Make sure that the dining areas of your patio are well-lit, while the entertaining and areas for relaxing can have soft lighting. You can add big paper lanterns, fairy lights, solar garden lights, or pendant lighting.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to incorporate tiki torches if they fit the vibe, or maybe add gas wall sconces. Oversized candles are always a good option and also a great design detail. All in all, don’t forget to make the patio light and bright!

3. Provide privacy and shade

Whether you have neighbors very close or you don’t, installing elements that provide privacy and create boundaries around outdoor space can be a great design choice. Adding curtains, for example, can make your patio feel cozy and inviting, plus curtains provide shade and define the area. Curtains can be very helpful if you live in an apartment or condo.

When choosing curtains for your patio, make sure you choose fabrics that are light and airy so that they can allow natural light to come through. Also, try finding curtains that are easy to wash so that you can throw them into the machine and have them clean in no time.

4. Be proportionate

Try to avoid making mistakes that can make your space look small or cluttered. Oversized furniture on a small patio will look off, cluttered, and simply wrong. Adding the wrong size rug can also affect the look of your patio.

When choosing furniture for your patio, make sure you choose proportionate pieces. It’s okay to have one or two larger pieces as, according to designers, they make the space feel bigger.

5. Incorporate dual-purpose pieces

Since we mentioned furniture, let’s discuss what type of furniture you can add to tiny patios. Apartments and urban buildings usually count on very small balcony spaces, and furnishing them can be tricky.

The best option you have is to look for multifunctional furniture pieces. These types of furniture can have more than one function. Usually, those include poofs that can serve as both the seating and tables, benches that are great for storage and as a seating, and other similar examples. Dual-purpose furniture is flexible and very useful to have in such tight places.

6. Mix and match

Your patio is a space where you can experiment with bright and bold colors and mixed and matched fabrics. Of course, how you decorate your patio will largely depend on the style you’re leaning toward, but you don’t need to stick to any particular style.

You can mix and match furniture, mix different materials and textures, layer rugs, and so on. However, if you decide to decorate with more neutral and muted colors, you can add colorful planters and flowers to break the monotony.

7. Bring the inside out

Ultimately, if you are unsure about how you’d like to decorate your patio space, you can always let your personal style influence the outdoor space as well. Simply make the patio the extension of your indoor space.

Add a similar rug you have indoors, move indoor furniture out and decorate how you would your inside space. Add throw pillows, and blankets, add picture frames, plants, and so on. Literally, bring the inside out. That’s the best way to decorate your patio when you’re unsure of which style to go for.

Hopefully, these 7 tips will help you decorate your patio and prepare for the summer. And always remember, when decorating a patio, there really are no rules. Mix and match furniture, colors, and textures. Add a rug and some curtains and just relax and enjoy your time outside.