February 26, 2024

5 DIY Globe String Light Projects That Will Illuminate Your Creativity

Globe string lights are a magical addition to any space; they possess the power to transform a room from ordinary to enchanting. With a bit of creative flair and a few simple items, you can bring a touch of sparkle to your life. Here are five DIY projects featuring globe string lights that will illuminate your creativity and bring a whimsical glow to your surroundings.

Create a Galaxy in a Jar

Imagine capturing a slice of the night sky in a glass jar. You can make this dream a reality with a few simple materials: a large glass jar, small LED lights, and black construction paper. Cut out small circles from the construction paper to mimic stars or planets and paste them on the inner walls of the jar. Then, place a strand of globe lights inside, and voila! You’ve created your very own galaxy in a jar.

Colorful Globe String Lights as Outdoor Centerpieces

Outdoor parties often call for that something extra to elevate the atmosphere. To create a beautiful and vibrant centerpiece, find a rustic basket or a wooden crate and fill it with pine cones or rocks. Weave your colorful globe string lights around these natural elements. Place the centerpiece on your outdoor dining table, and you’ve instantly added a charming touch to your gathering.

Bedroom Decoration with a Canopy of Lights

The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, a space that should reflect your individuality. A canopy of globe lights hanging from the ceiling can serve as a fantastical addition for bedroom decoration.

All you need is sheer fabric, a hula hoop, and your globe lights. Attach the fabric to the hula hoop and then weave the globe lights into this makeshift canopy. Suspend the hula hoop from the ceiling to enjoy a starry night right in your bedroom.

Globe Light Wall Art

For those with an artistic bend, creating wall art with globe lights can be both exciting and fulfilling. Sketch a simple design or a quote on a large canvas or wooden board. Drill small holes along the lines of your sketch, ensuring they are big enough to snugly fit the globes of your string lights. Insert the lights into the holes, and you’ve created a unique piece of art that will illuminate any room.

Christmas Decoration with a Twist

Christmas is a season of lights, making it the perfect time to show off your DIY skills. Rather than going for the traditional tree, why not create a “tree of lights” on your wall? Use painter’s tape to outline a tree shape on a wall and then string your globe light along this outline. Add small ornaments if you wish. The resulting creation not only serves as a brilliant Christmas decoration but also as a conversation starter.


Globe string lights are incredibly versatile, and these projects showcase just a fraction of their potential. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor setting, bring life to your bedroom, or add a festive touch to your holiday decorations, these DIY globe string light projects offer something for everyone. So go ahead and unleash your creativity—the sky is the limit!